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Spill Bunnies: the Green alternative to paper towels!

Spill Bunnies: the Green alternative to paper towels!

We consider ourselves problem solvers. It's in that vein that we've scoured the web for some of the most helpful products seen anywhere, and for the best prices imaginable. Why spend more when with a little effort (and a great big assist from us!) you can do all of the things you love, and some things you didn't know existed, without breaking the bank? Read on for great deals on great ideas, and sweet savings on sweet adventures!

- Paper towels are great, but Spill Bunnies are even better: These cute and soft little guys are great for cleaning up after the kids. They have super absorbent fur, and they come in an easy to use size. Be sure to feed them their "Power Pellets" twice daily, to keep them looking their best...and breathing! (Note: you might need a set of Dribble Hamsters to clean up after the Spill Bunnies.)

- Have a cut? You could use a bandage...or you could try a Home Cauterizing Kit! Sometimes a bandage just won't cut it! Get it, cut it! Anyway, this kit comes complete with everything you need to shut those gaping wounds for good!

- Wanna soar through the heavens, but find that the gear is just too expensive? Try this Do It Yourself Parachute Kit that uses old bed sheets and scraps from your paper shredder to get you in the sky diving game for a fraction of the price. You'll get instructions, sewing templates, one page of lessons, Tom Petty's classic "Free Fallin"on cassette, and more!

- We love the anonymity of the internet, and we bet you do too! That's why we've found this Random Screen Name Generator for a best of web price. This software is simple. Just type in how you're feeling today, what kind of site you're going to leave a comment on (daily shopping site, social networking site, pig judging contest, etc), and the street you grew up on, and it gives you the best screen name for any situation!

So there you have it, some great new products for our favorite people. Have a great week, and a wonderful new month!

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