4 Secrets of a Freebie Junkie & Top Freebies of the Week

4 Secrets of a Freebie Junkie & Top Freebies of the Week

Posted on August 24, 2012

What do an 8GB USB drive, a Taylormade golf club, personalized pens, a $5 Target gift card, a BareEssentials skincare kit, an aluminum water bottle, a personalized flask, a $15 California Pizza Kitchen gift card, 10 cans of cat food, an Orly nail base coat, and a Physician's Choice eyeliner have in common? I got them all for free. Yes, my name is Casey and I'm a little addicted to finding fun freebies. Starting this week, we'll be sharing the best freebies around on the BradsDeals blog. But before you get started, prepare yourself for the world of freebies by reviewing the tips below!How to Get Freebies

A Freebie is Free!

A real freebie should always be 100% free, not free after a mail-in rebate or free except for the shipping. Those things can still be a great deal, but they aren't the same as a true freebie.

No Crying Over Missed Freebies

Many freebies expire quickly, so don't let it get you down if you miss out on something cool. There is always another awesome freebie around the corner.

Have a Freebie-Only E-Mail Account

Signing up for freebies means you will be submitting your email address to many different websites. Set up a free email account that is not attached to any of your financial institutions. This offers you an extra level of protection, and ensures that your regular email account won't be overwhelmed with advertising or spam. Also, many freebies require a Facebook signup. If you are a Facebook holdout, don't fret. You can set up an account using a pseudonym and use that to get your free stuff!

Don't Count on It!

With a freebie, you are literally getting something for nothing. And that means you don't really know when you will get something or if you will get it at all. Many freebies are shipped so slowly you might think someone is actually trekking across the country to bring you your package. I've had freebies arrive more than 6 months after I signed up for them and others that never arrived. My best advice is to sign up for things, and then forget about them. If you're just getting started with freebies, you may wait 6-8 weeks to see your first package, but if you keep signing up, you will have a steady flow of free stuff making its way to your door.

Top Freebies of the Week

  1. Take a quiz and register with the American Kidney Fund to get a free Pair Up Lapel Pin.
  2. Let your kitty try out a sample of Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight Food by filling out the request form. Note, you must wait for the page to load fully to see the sample offer.
  3. Sign up for this sample-sized Arm & Hammer Sensitive Toothpaste, and you won't have to pay for a travel size toothpaste when you go on your next vacation!
  4. Request a free copy of TV Weekly Magazine to get the inside scoop on your favorite shows.
  5. Fill out the form to get an Atkins Quick-Start Kit that includes 3 Atkins bars, a pocket carb counter, and more!

We want to hear from you! Reply in the comments section below to tell us about the best freebie you've ever gotten or any other great freebies going on this week.

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