How To Get The iPhone 5C For Free And The iPhone 5S For 50% Off

How To Get The iPhone 5C For Free And The iPhone 5S For 50% Off

Posted on September 16, 2013

Less than a week after their announcement and less than a week before their in-store debut on Sept. 20, Apple's iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are already seeing unprecedented discounts.

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Sprint are offering to cut $100 off of the price both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C for any new customers that agree to switch over from any one of their competitors. That's a 16GB iPhone 5C for free or a 16GB iPhone 5S at 50% off! For anyone considering purchasing a new iPhone and a change of wireless carriers, Sprint's deal is an absolute no-brainer.

Meanwhile, Walmart have announced that they'll be selling a 16GB iPhone 5C for $79 with a standard two-year service contract, a discount of $20, while a 16GB iPhone 5S will be sold for $189 with a two-year contract, knocking $10 off of the retail price of Apple's flagship mobile device.

Just last week we detailed how to get the best deal on Apple's upcoming iPhones at Walmart by utilizing their brand-new smartphone trade-in program to essentially pay for an iPhone 5S or 5C. Beginning Sept. 20, Walmart's program will allow you to trade-in any smartphone and receive a store credit between $50 (for a Samsung Galaxy S2) and $300 (for a working, non-damaged iPhone 5).

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Walmart's currently unrivaled deals fly in the face of Apple's typically stringent "price maintenance," a system of pricing controls and regulations that Apple has used quite effectively up until this point to dictate how much retailers can sell their products for. This sets a precedent for even greater discounts on both new iPhone models in the future, be it from Walmart or any of their competitors.

Last year, Walmart shaved $10 off of iPhone 5 pre-orders then further reduced it's in-store price to $127 by the second week in December. As it already looks like Walmart is sticking to last year's pricing and sales calendar for the iPhones, there's no reason to think that they won't be selling the iPhone 5S and 5C at a similarly reduced price come this December.

Walmart will also be selling their remaining inventory of older iPhone models at a steep discount. Starting Sept. 16, the iPhone 5 will cost you $79, the iPhone 4S will cost $0.97, and the iPhone 4 will cost $0.10 but will have a $100 Walmart gift card included with it.

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