Your Junk Could Be Valuable: How to Make Money on Amazon

Your Junk Could Be Valuable: How to Make Money on Amazon

If you're like most Americans, chances are you have books, music, or clothing lying around that you no longer use. Why not make some money on it? Not only can you find pretty much anything you could ever possibly need on Amazon, you can also sell almost anything (view their seller policy here) in their marketplace. Selling on Amazon is a great way to make extra cash on old items or a profit on items that are currently rare or out of stock.

Selling Books on Amazon

Package up your old books and sell them on Amazon!

Remember that Amazon is going to take a commission and a closing fee, which varies based on what you're selling. Check out their rates here. Be sure to compare with your local resale shop and consider shipping costs. We say it way too often, but as long as you price compare, you'll always make the right choice.

How to set up an Amazon Seller's Account:

  1. Make an Amazon account or login to your account
  2. Click on Seller Account
  3. Click on "Inventory" and then "Add a product".
  4. Type in the product name, ISBN, or other identifier to begin listing

It's that easy! Just remember to follow these wise words of wisdom from me, a successful Amazon Seller:

  • Always be honest about the condition of your item. I like to think of it as Amazon karma. If you list honestly, others will too.
  • Always add in notes about your item. In college I had a couple books I bought for classes that I literally never touched. They were in perfect condition, but obviously were still considered "used." Insert a note saying that and somebody who is looking for a highlighter free used book in great condition will likely snag it up, even if it's a couple bucks more than another used book.
  • Note how much other Amazon users are selling the item for. Do a quick Google search as well if you're not pressed for time. This will give you a better idea of how in demand the item is and the appropriate price range.
  • Always ship your sold item promptly. A great experience will encourage the buyer to review you, which will improve your seller rating, which will encourage others to buy from you in the future!
  • It an item hasn't sold in a couple weeks, try lowering the price. Though, keep in mind that if it's more of an obscure item, it may just take awhile for the right buyer to find it. I've sold textbooks a whole year after I put them up for sale.
  • Along with the last bullet, think about trends when you list items. For example, textbooks are likely going to sell faster in August and January, than October and June.
  • Ship the cheapest way possible. USPS is usually the cheapest option, especially is you wrap the item in brown paper. Whenever I could I used old brown paper grocery bags to ship my textbooks. Also, if it's a book or CD, make sure to tell the post office it's "media mail" and the price will drop even more.

Good luck BradsDeals readers!

Do you have any great tips for selling your stuff on Amazon? Let us know in the comments below!

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