How To Win More Giveaways

How To Win More Giveaways

We love to give our readers chances to win free things. Recently we've been giving away a new item every week! I set up all of our contests here at BradsDeals and one thing I hear a lot from our readers is, "I enter every day! Why haven't I won anything yet?"

I really wish I had the answer for you. One tip I would give all of our readers after managing the BradsDeals contests is that you should never avoid a contest just because you don't absolutely love the prize. Don't dismiss the $100 gift card because you're holding out for an iPad. Chances are, the less hot and trendy the prize is, the less people will enter and you will increase your odds of winning.
How to Win More Prizes
Let's compare our most recent iPad contest to our recent Vitacost $500 gift card contest. If you were to have entered every day for each of these contests, you would have a 340% better chance winning the $500 Vitacost gift card than the iPad. The net value for both of these prizes is identical, but since the gift card is perceived as a less desirable prize, those that did enter had a better shot at getting the $500 prize.

So, what happens when you do win something you're not ecstatic about? There are several other reasons these "less desirable contests" are worth entering.

Someone does want that prize

Just because you already have an Xbox 360 or Kindle Fire doesn't mean you should opt out of entering. You could give the gift to a family member. Or you could channel your entrepreneurial skills and make a profit by selling it on Amazon! Hey, you got it for free. No matter what you end up selling it for, you're going to come out ahead. The same goes for gift cards. Sites like Plastic Jungle allow users to sell unused or partially used gift cards.

Use what you win to get the prize you want

When you are entering to win gift cards, keep in mind that what you purchase with the card is saving you on out-of-pocket costs. Whenever I get a gift card to Amazon or a drug store like Vitacost, I always buy my necessities. If I'm saving $200 on grocery goods, I can put that $200 towards the Kindle Fire I've been coveting for so long. It's really just a trade off. Don't dismiss a contest without first thinking about everything you could gain by winning.

This doesn't guarantee that you are going to be the next big winner in one of our contests. But, I can guarantee that if you find a contest that you think is a dud, chances are a few other people think that way and won't enter. Their loss is your gain. You could end up walking away $500 richer.

Head on over to our contest page to see what we're giving away. Remember, you may not win even if you enter every day. But everyone always has a chance, right?

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