How to Survive The Hunger Games Movie Premiere

How to Survive The Hunger Games Movie Premiere

The Hunger GamesĀ movie premiere is only a few days away, and is expected to be one the of the biggest blockbusters of the year.

The Hunger Games Movie Poster

The Hunger Games hits theaters on March 23!

My obsession with The Hunger Games book series, along with the highly anticipated movie adaptation has me wondering, "If I was chosen for the Hunger Games, how would I survive?" I am not an archery prodigy, and my weak upper body strength could never match Peeta's strong, brawny baker arms. Swoon.

Lucky for me, The Reaping, tracker jackers, and that evil President Snow are worries that I need not dwell on. In fact, I should be far more concerned over Gale fangirls pulling my hair in a brawl for the very last ticket. Which is why we have searched all of Panem, I mean the Internet, for the best deals on everything you need to survive The Hunger Games movie premiere. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Step 1: Buy Tickets Early
Like all popular book-to-movie openings, tickets the weekend the movie hits theaters are notoriously hard to find. Our advice to you is to reserve your Hunger Games tickets ASAP! Buy your Hunger Games tickets at Fandango, and you will get a FREE iTunes song download from The Hunger Games Soundtrack! Better yet, use your Visa Signature credit card, you can save 20% on $25 of Fandango Bucks!

Free Hunger Games Song Download

Get pumped before the show with this FREE iTunes song download from The Hunger Games!

Step 2: Re-Read (or read) the Book
Whether you've been on The Hunger Games train since 2008, or you have yet to hop on, you still have plenty of time to experience the excitement of Suzanne Collins' epic novel The Hunger Games. Amazon drops the price of both The Hunger Games Kindle edition and paperback edition to a cool $5. Better yet, if you are an Amazon Prime member you can read this book for FREE!

The Hunger Games Book Trio

The Hunger Games is actually just the first installment of this three book series.

Step 3: Get A Capitol-Worthy Makeover
So you have purchased your tickets, now what? Get gorgeous, of course! You don't want to look like a ragga-muffin while you gaze upon the glamorous fashions of the citizens of The Capitol. China Glaze has created a line of nail polishes called Captiol Colours that is entirely devoted to the Hunger Games; each color represents a district located in Panem. Sally Beauty Supply is your one-stop-shop for these popular nail lacquers. Each Hunger Games nail polish is priced at just $5.99 or lower. Can't decide on one color? Get the entire Hunger Games nail polish collection! After you complete your manicure, head over to to check out the latest in Capitol fashions, and you'll get some fashion inspiration in no time.

The Hunger Games Nail Polish Collection

Are you going to rep for Katniss with "Smoke & Ashes", the Distrist 12 color? We are!

Step 4: Rep Your Team
Blonde hair or dark hair? Brave or brooding? I think you know where this is going. Are you on Team Peeta? Or Team Gale? Whatever team you side with, we think it's best to wear your heart on your t-shirt or hoodie sleeve. The Hunger Games merchandise at CafePress has to be our favorite. With brand-new CafePress coupons everyday, and tons of unique apparel and accessories, declaring your undying love for Peeta Mellark or Gale Hawthorne might freak out your husband/boyfriend, but definitely not your wallet. And hey, let's show Katniss some appreciation too! She is our Mockingjay after all.

The Boy with the Bread

This Hunger Games shirt professes anyone's love for Peeta Mellark!

Step 5: Snuggle with Peeta...kind of
You've done an admirable job, young tribute. Now that you have adequately prepped for The Hunger Games premiere on March 23, the time has come to relax before you watch 24 kids compete in a violent fight to the death! This Peeta Mellark pillowcase from Hot Topic is just $14.50. Plus, spend $25 on The Hunger Games gear, and you will get a FREE Hunger Games movie poster! This pillowcase will help keep you well-rested, and ready for battle, should you encounter any ill-behaved tweens, teens, or adults pawing their way to the best seat in the theater.

Peeta Pillowcase

Katniss could have used one of these Peeta pillowcases in the arena.

We gotta know, are you going to see The Hunger Games on March 23? Are you on Team Peeta or Team Gale? Vote in our Hunger Games poll and share your excitement with us in the comments!

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