Hyatt's Big Welcome Back: A $1,000 Hotel Room for $80?

Hyatt's Big Welcome Back: A $1,000 Hotel Room for $80?

Park Hyatt Paris

The Park Hyatt Paris

The single most generous deal in the hotel industry is here again.  Hyatt's Big Welcome Back is the 2010 version of the promo Hyatt has offered via their free Gold Passport reward program once a year since 2002.  Through 6/30, every two stays at any Hyatt get you one free night at any Hyatt through 8/31. Since there are 7 levels of Hyatt, that means two $50 nights at your local Hyatt Place or Hyatt turn into one free $1,000+ night at the Park Hyatt in Paris, Sydney or Tokyo or great domestic locations like Chicago, DC, Beaver Creek or Kauai.

Plus, you can buy $100 Hyatt Gift Certificates at Costco for $79.99 so your $50 room is really $40 after the 20% discount. Call your local Costco and check for item #485271 to ask for availability.

It gets even better: you can combine the free Hyatt nights with great airline mile bonuses.  The best is Register here for the 25,000 bonus.  You'll also get an additional 500 each per stay.

An alternative is to register for this United promo for 2,500 per stay.

Better still: chalk up 25 stays and, in addition to 12.5 free nights and a boatload of miles, you'll become a Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond Member.  That means suite upgrades, free breakfast (they're great and worth over $100 for two at some locations), free internet and other extra goodies.

Don't want to actually waste your nights staying at Hyatt Place?  Don't worry about it.  They all have kiosks.  Just walk into the lobby kiosk, check-in, then turn around and go back home.  You'll still get your nights and miles.

Note that many Hyatt rates are lowest on weekends and that two stays on consecutive nights at the same property will only count as one stay.

The bottom-line: for about $500 and a little time, a couple who went and checked in for 6 stays each at a Hyatt Place would get about 60k total frequent flyer miles plus 6 total free nights at any Park Hyatt in the world. Used wisely, that's worth over $10,000!

PS: I've used this myself. It really works. I'll be reporting back with a trip review shortly!

PPS: Yes, I'm sorry for the delay posting this.  There's still two weeks so try and make the most of it!

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