Dude, Where's Your Dell?

Dude, Where's Your Dell?

We've recently received a number of questions and complaints regarding Dell deals, specifically when items unexpectedly run out of stock.

Dell regularly competes at a high level when it comes to pricing and regularly offers fantastic deals. However, Dell is terrible about informing consumers when an item has sold out. They do nothing to inform them, simply taking them to this Generic Dell Page. Don't ask me why they do this. With their vast resources, infrastructure, and nearly limitless IT expertise, one would expect a clearer flow of information to the consumers that want to buy products from their websites. Unfortunately, the Generic Dell Page is all we get.

We do our best to provide an accurate timetable for the length of a deal, but sometimes they sell out or disappear without warning. Rest assured, that we will continue to keep you informed of unexpectedly out-of-stock products and discontinued sales as soon as we're made aware.

Examples of complaints from users: unhappy, 1tony165, tomfrieder, injules, thiagoca, Colleen, mcskinny

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