BradsDealers Love Local Deals Too

BradsDealers Love Local Deals Too

BradsDealers have two favorite things in life:

1. Deals      2. Food

When the e-mail about Jimmy John's offering $1 subs for Customer Appreciation Day began circulating through the office, we were walking (okay we were running) out the door at 10:50am to race to the nearest Jimmy John's to get in line for this fantastic deal.

We started thinking, with all the new local deal sites sprouting up, we wanted to show a little love to the OFFLINE deal market. While we are all obsessed with online deals and coupons, we are also all suckers for any type of deal. We spend our days hunting for coupons and online promotions for everyone to take advantage of, but we also keep a very watchful eye on the deals happening around us. With sites like Groupon and Living Social available, we are all kind of obsessed with finding deals in every part of our life.

While you can buy nearly everything online, we just want to point out that finding deals offline, for things like group outings or hair appointments, can make just as big of an impact on your budget. Don't get sucked into believing that all local deal sites are going to change your life, but be aware of the deals going on around you and use them to your advantage. If Groupon has a 1/2 off coupon for a restaurant you haven't tried in your city, give it a shot on your next group outing. These are basically online coupon codes you can use in everyday life, and they allow you to try something new and save a little money, who can argue with that?

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