Is the Microsoft Surface Tablet the Ultrabook killer?

Is the Microsoft Surface Tablet the Ultrabook killer?

Posted on June 19, 2012

Microsoft just announced the "Surface", a half laptop, half tablet beauty that promises to bridge the gap between hand-held browsing and full-on computing.The Microsoft Surface Tablet

It will run the new Windows 8 operating system (some smaller versions might run a smaller OS however) and they will use Intel Core i5 processors. They are slated to have up to 128GB of storage as well. But our favorite feature is the built in cover/keyboard. They are super slim keyboards that keep the pretty screen, well, pretty.

With these higher-end features, they are more on par with Ultrabooks than with tablets, and they are said to be priced closer to that of the super-slim PCs as well. Will the Surface take market share from Ultrabooks? Will tablets like the Apple iPad have to step up their tech just to keep pace?

Either way you slice it, the Surface by Microsoft could be just what the software giant needs to increase their hardware footprint, one tiny little lap-tablet at a time.

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