Neiman Marcus Designer Goodies Hit Target at Midnight TONIGHT!

Neiman Marcus Designer Goodies Hit Target at Midnight TONIGHT!

Posted on November 30, 2012

The Neiman Marcus brand is synonymous with upscale living - designer clothing, jewelry, decor and gifts.

Tory Burch Lunch Box at Target

Tote your bologna sandwich in style with a Tory Burch Lunch Box for $19.99 from Target's Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection.

Their legendary Christmas Book is equal parts catalog, fashion magazine and sublime fantasy catering to a lifestyle of which most of us mere mortals can only dream.

On December 1st, Target makes the dream a reality. Just in time for the holidays, a holiday collection of designer gifts from Neiman Marcus will arrive on Target's shelves. The fun starts on December 1, and we expect to see this very special collection appear online at midnight tonight.

This legendary partnership will feature more than 50 items from 24 designers at prices that put them within reach for Target's discerning but budget-conscious customers. A preview of the collection includes:

  • Brian Atwood Leather Gloves - $49.99
  • Diane von Furstenberg Yoga Mat - $49.99
  • Marchesa Girls' Beaded Dress - $99.99
  • Oscar de la Renta Tote - $59.99
  • Robert Rodriguez Dress - $99.99
  • Tory Burch Lunch Box - $19.99
  • Carolina Herrera Travel Bags (set of 3) - $39.99

The sale isn't live just yet, but you can see a preview (and access the sale later) by going to and searching for "Neiman Marcus" in the search box on the home page.

One last note: We believe the collection will go live online at midnight Central Time, but we strongly recommend checking in at midnight Eastern Time just in case. When Target launched a similar partnership with Missoni last February, servers crashed and most items sold out very quickly. We expect to see the same thing happen tonight. Those waiting until morning are very likely to be forced to settle for marked-up eBay merchandise.

Good luck, and let us know what you got!


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