New Years Resolutions Everyone Should Make for 2012

New Years Resolutions Everyone Should Make for 2012

It's almost that time. The ball is about to drop and 2011 will float away on the ocean of the past as we sail into 2012. I personally thought we'd all have robot servants by now and my car would be able to hover, but I suppose I'll have to settle for more minor, though arguably equally exciting, technological advances like tablets and gaming systems.

What comes hand and hand with the start of a new year? The dreaded new years resolution. While resolving to lose weight or quit smoking are the typical picks, the best resolution you can make is undoubtedly to save money. Here are our tips on how you can resolve to save in 2012.

2012 New Years Resolution: Save Money Shopping Online

1. Don't buy anything that isn't on sale. With great sites like ours (our new years resolution is to be more modest) there is no reason to ever pay full price. Almost everything you could ever need or want is online and 98% of the time will go on sale at some point. If it's not already on sale, chances are we have a coupon code you can use.

2. Price Compare. Price comparing is the most valuable tool of all when shopping, and the easiest way to do it is online. What's even better than using Google Shopping? Using BradsDeals. We do the price comparison for you, and would never put up a deal that isn't price compared thoroughly -- meaning it's the best deal around. We promise we're working on the modesty thing.

3. Get a credit card. Some say having a credit card is a bad thing, but that is a common misconception! As long as you are using credit cards that earn points, miles, and cash back wisely to help build your credit score, they are the most valuable piece of plastic you could own! Find the right credit card for you and you will be rewarded. Check out some cards that we recommend here.

4. Avoid unnecessary fees. Hidden airline fees? Know before you book. Sales tax? Don't buy local. You can often avoid sales tax by shopping online at stores that don't have a physical presence in your area. Popular shops like Overstock, ShopBop, SuperJeweler, and Smart Bargains are some prime examples. You can also avoid shipping fees with sites that always have free shipping or by finding coupon codes that get you free shipping. We always mention shipping and sales tax in our deals, and we'll never charge you for deals (like or

5. Keep your eye out for gifts all year long. Mother's Day, anniversaries, your brother's birthday...they're all coming sooner or later. Keep your eyes out all year long for deals that can save you money on gifts. You can even browse sites like BradsDeals for gift ideas or check out our gift guide. We're a big fan of magazine subscriptions for gifts (many are as little as $4) and gift certificates.

Happy New Year! We hope you succeed in keeping your resolution, whatever it may be. Here's to a prosperous 2012. Cheers!

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