Pay it Forward: Give Coffee and Get Coffee at Starbucks

Pay it Forward: Give Coffee and Get Coffee at Starbucks

Posted on October 09, 2013

Yesterday Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz sent a letter to employees saying Starbucks wants to help us all come together during uncertain times. The letter, available on the Starbucks Newsroom, tells employees that from today (Oct 9) through Friday if a customer buys another customer a drink, the store will give them a free tall brewed coffee. How's that for some good karma?


In the letter Schultz talks about the importance of Starbucks being a place of comfort and respite for customers. He explains this deal as an attempt to help people come together at a time when consumer confidence is low, and fears are high as we continue the government shutdown and face the looming debt ceiling.  

"Our business was built customer-by-customer, one cup of coffee at a time.  Every day in our stores, we bear witness to small acts of human kindness that reflect the generosity of spirit at the core of our guiding principles. Most often, these are the little gestures that best embody our commitment to our communities and our care for our customers, and one another."- Howard Schultz

Obviously the person who wins the most is the one you buy the coffee for since they're getting whatever fancy drink they ordered for free, but in the end, buying a drink for your fellow coffee lover should spread warm fuzzies all around and earn you a little good karma too.


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