September Is National Coupon Month!

September Is National Coupon Month!

Posted on September 05, 2013

While September's arrival means summer's twilight hours may be fading into the horizon, this month also marks the celebration of National Coupon Month!

Brad's Deals September 2013 National Coupon Month

You may not know it, as we don't have a cute little CGI gekko to repeatedly remind you during every single commercial break while you're trying to enjoy the return of football or Scott Disick impersonating Todd Kraines (don't ask how I know about this), but spending just 20 minutes a week "coupon clipping" can save you at least $1,000 every year.

Why, might you ask, would I've bothered to place quotation marks around "coupon clipping"? Well, gone are the days of mindlessly thumbing through every circular packed into the Sunday papers, scissors methodically dissecting page after page of coupons, then stuffing binders full of coupons and rebates that may never again see the light of day. I shudder to think of the money still being wasted purchasing coupon books.

According to NCH Marketing's Coupon Facts Report, just last year retailers distributed roughly 305 billion coupons that consumers used to save $4.6 billion. Consider, for a moment, your contribution to that collective $4.6 billion in savings. Are you saving at least $1,000 every year with coupons? Were you to dedicate slightly more time and effort to seeking out better deals and utilizing coupons on a more regular basis, how much more do you think you could save?

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Well, from everyday spending at the grocery store or in your local coffee shop to big-ticket purchases like HDTVs and laptops to apparel and accessories, where there's a will to save on all these products and more, there's a hand-picked aggregator of the best coupons, deals, and promos available both in stores and online (*cough cough wink wink nudge nudge* etc.).

We realize you have better things to do than commit 20 minutes a week, let alone an entire Sunday, to sorting through circulars or an inbox full of retailer newsletters with coupons and sales. That's why the entire Brad's Deals team is committed day in, day out to finding and sharing the best deals, coupons, and promos available with the hope that we can help eliminate as much of the effort it takes for you to live well while spending less.

September may be National Coupon Month, but we've been treating every day like it's National Coupon Day for the past 12 years. Be sure to keep checking in and to sign up for Brad's Daily Alerts in order to stay abreast of the best coupons and deals to help you work towards saving (at the very least) that $1,000 every year!

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