Good Wins When You Shop #GivingTuesday at BradsDeals

Good Wins When You Shop #GivingTuesday at BradsDeals

Posted on November 27, 2012

Tired of the consumerism of the holidays? So is the team behind #GivingTuesday. Giving Tuesday Coupon Codes at BradsDealsAfter all of the manic spending and jostling  of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday (and yes, the hashtag is part of the name) asks us to do something on Tuesday that gives back.  BradsDeals answered the call, and we realized quickly that we wanted to get our fans involved as well. So we've devised a way to use what we do best - offering you the best way to save on your online purchases - to raise money for a worthy cause.

Here's the how YOU can help us give back on #GivingTuesday:

  1. Today only (11/27), shop using one of the exclusive coupon codes below.
  2. For every purchase you make today using one of our #GivingTuesday coupon codes, BradsDeals will donate $5 to a charity chosen by our fans.

That's it. You shop today using our #GivingTuesday promo codes, we make a donation, and you have the final say in who gets the money.  We've narrowed the list down to five worthy contenders.  Go vote in our Facebook poll by midnight tonight (Central Time) to help your favorite charity, then share this post with your friends and family so they can get involved as well.

Our #GivingTuesday Coupon Codes

Merchant Discount Promo Code
1-800-Baskets 15% off GIVE15
Air & Water $30 off $275 GIVE5
AllPosters 25% off BRADGIVES
Avenue 40% off Sitewide AVGIVE5
Charles David 15% off GIVE5
Chinese Laundry 10% off Regular-Priced Items GIVE5
Coffees of Hawaii 30% off Sitewide GIVE5
Colorful Images 15% off $35 GIVE5
CruiserCustomizing 10% off Gift Certificates GIVE5
Current Catalog 20% off $45 GIVE5
Earnest Sewn 10% off Regular-Priced Items GIVE5
Folica $25 off $75 GIVE5
Forzieri $20 off $195 GIVE5
JackThreads $5 off $50 GIVE5
Karen Kane 15% off Regular-Priced Items GIVE5
Lillian Vernon 15% off $45 GIVE5
Luggage Online 15% off GIVE5
Macy’s 10%-25% off BradsDealsFF
Mission Restaurant Supply $15 off $150 GIVE5
My Jewelry Box 20% off GIVE5
PetCareRx 10% off $35 BRADGIVES10
Popcorn Factory $5 off Any Order GIVE5
Poppin $25 off $50 GIVE
Peruvian Connection Free Shipping with Any Order GIVE5
ScoreBig $15 off $30 GIVE5
Siopa 15% off Irish Gifts GIVE5
Snapfish 25% off Sitewide GIVE5
SuperJeweler 12% off GIVE5
Utrecht Art Supplies 20% off GIVE5
Video Blocks 90% off Unlimited Downloads GIVE5
Wild Tangent Games 50% off GIVE5
World Wide Stereo 10% off GIVE5


About the Nominees

We've chosen five extremely worthy non-profits as candidates for our #GivingTuesday initiative: Girls on the Run, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Wounded Warrior Project, Bright Pink and American Red Cross. Our fans will decide who should receive the funds raised by their purchases. You can learn more about them below.

Girls on the Run
A learning program for girls ages 8-13, Girls on the Run hopes for "a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams." Girls particpate in running activities designed to inspire an appreciation for physical fitness, discuss the challenges and experiences they face, and learn the importance of teamwork and healthy relationships. Older girls discuss topics like eating disorders, internet safety, cyberbullying and tobacco and alcohol use. The program ends with a celebratory 5K. "It’s like I’m a light bulb and Girls on the Run is my power source," said one program participant. "It’s what I need to shine bright. I feel GOTRized."
Learn more about Girls on the Run

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
In 50 years of treating children from all around the world, St. Jude's has helped countless children get life-saving medical care. Seeking to advance cures for and prevention of cancer and other life-threatening pediatric diseases. What makes St. Jude's truly special is that no family ever pays for treatment. Donations support medical treatment for their patients, as well as cutting edge research looking for cures and ways to prevent catastrophic pediatric illnesses.
Learn more about St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Wounded Warrior Project
For every US soldier killed, seven are wounded. When those wounded soldiers return home, they are challenged by difficult recoveries and a tough job market. Wounded Warrior project seeks "to honor and empower wounded warriors" by offering support programs such as Warriors to Work, Family Support Retreats, a 4-day cycling event called the Soldier Ride, Peer Mentoring, Campus Services and much more. Says a program participant named Mike, "When I got involved with Wounded Warrior Project, I embraced this community of warriors who rely on one another. I’m talking to other warriors about their transition process. We know we have each other’s back."
Learn more about Wounded Warrior Project

Bright Pink
Bright Pink strives to reach young women at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer, providing helpful tools, support, resources and education about detection and how to reduce your risk of developing cancer altogether. Support programs like PinkPal, Peer Forum, Ask a Genetic Counselor and resources that help women navigate employment, legal and financial issues fit right in with the organization's maxim that knowledge is power. A quote from the organization's website says it best: "At Bright Pink, we believe that knowledge is power, that information is beneficial, not burdensome. The more you know about breast and ovarian cancer, the better equipped you are to live proactively."
Learn more about Bright Pink

American Red Cross
The United States Congress chartered the Red Cross to "carry on a system of national and international relief in time of peace and apply the same in mitigating the sufferings caused by pestilence, famine, fire, floods, and other great national calamities, and to devise and carry on measures for preventing the same." It sounds like a tall order, but the American Red Cross has proven itself up to the challenge. This is an organization that organizes blood donation drives, offers CPR classes for everyone from babysitters to first responders, provides support to military families, and swoops in with disaster relief, most recently after Hurricane Sandy. Red Cross volunteers go anywhere they are needed to fulfill their humanitarian mission.
Learn more about American Red Cross 


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