Social Shopping: Online Buying Gets Even Better

Social Shopping: Online Buying Gets Even Better

You could probably guess this already, but I am a huge online shopper. My friends have started giving me a loving eye roll every time they hear me say "I bet you I could find that cheaper online". It is true, I can find most anything for a lesser price online, but can that really take the place of the experience that IS shopping?

With hopes of making online shopping a more fun and social experience, some stores and websites have taken to offering social shopping options.

Stores offering social shopping options.

The Basics:
While some describe "social shopping" as sharing your deals and purchases with your friends via social media, this post is more about websites offering ways to shop using other people and their purchases to your advantages.

Social shopping combines online shopping, social media and online communities to make your shopping experience more fun and convenient. You are able to search items and get far more information than if you were to just visit a normal retail site. You can get user reviews, comments, questions and answers, videos and even information about the seller.

Some sites offer items from local sellers with product reviews, videos and information. Other sites are strictly for answering your questions about online items. Some even allow you to post purchase requests which then allows merchants to respond with their best fit for your request, making research less time consuming and get you better matched results.

For a great resource of social shopping sites read Shopping Spree: 18 Sites for Social Shopping & Deals.

Kaboodle offers many social shopping options.

Kaboodle offers deals, weekly specials, partner picks and more.

The Benefits:
We always tell you to price compare, price compare, PRICE COMPARE to ensure you're getting the best deal out there. With social shopping, you're gaining information and the experience of other online shoppers. You see an ad for a low-priced sheet set, but another shopper comments saying that they found the exact sheet set for $10 less at another site. You get to take advantage of their research and get the best deal anyone has seen.

Whether you're buying shoes, a jacket or a comforter set, you always read the comments to see if it fits true to size, if the colors match the picture or if there are any other discrepancies with the product description that may discourage you from buying, since you don't get to see the product in person.

This is where a lot of people hesitate with online shopping. Now, with all this information at your fingertips and all the helpful tips and reviews from other shoppers, you can be less wary when you're spending money online.

The Bottom Line:
This will make online shopping even better. It will be more interactive and fun. You are able to take other shoppers' comments, reviews and opinions into consideration before spending your money on a product online. You're able to create wish-lists, see others' wish-lists, get recommendations based on your searches and make sure you're really getting a great quality item for a great price.