Beyond Back-to-School: 3 Ways to Save Year-Round

Beyond Back-to-School: 3 Ways to Save Year-Round

The dust is settling from the back-to-school shopping blitz, but school expenses continue year-round. While supplies of long, unchewed pencils and clean, matching socks seem endless right now, chances are they'll need to be replenished before the semester is out. And then there's all those other school-related purchases big and small that pop up as often as tater tots on a school lunch menu. We've got parents and students covered with our three best practices for saving throughout the school year.

Do the Same for Less

A custom class ring from Limoges Jewelry

Getting 25% off a custom class ring from Limoges Jewelry is just one way students can save money year round.

It's oh-so-convenient to go with the school-recommended company for things like uniforms, photos, varsity jackets, and more. But when the school picked whichever company they did, it isn't likely they were shopping around for the best price. Whenever possible, look for less-expensive companies that can provide the same service or product. Of course, Brad's Deals will always try to put you a step ahead by finding great deals for you. For instance, this week only, we have arranged an exclusive offer with Limoges Jewelry for 25% off their selection of custom class rings. This deal offers huge savings over comparable rings from the ring companies that set up temporary shop inside high schools.

Don't forget about places like Walmart, Sears and JCPenney when shopping for school uniform pieces, as they usually have coupon or free shipping codes that can lessen the price. Many times when expenses come up after back-to-school sale time, you're less likely to hunt for the best bargain and just make a quick purchase! Be sure to do your price comparing even on the off-sale season.

Work that Discount

Have you checked out our epic list of student discounts? If the answer is no, you are probably missing out on savings from Apple, HP, The Limited, McDonalds, and more. It is a must-read for anyone who has a student ID in their possession. Also, be on the lookout for local student discounts. Remember, it never hurts to ask if a store has a student discount! Note: if you do get injured asking about a student discount, we disclaim any responsibility.

A huge takeaway from the student discount list is Amazon Student. With a .edu email address, you can get Amazon Prime for one full year for just $39, 40% off the normal price. Amazon Prime gets you unlimited free 2-day shipping with all orders and one-day shipping upgrade $3.99 per item. Many of you savvy shoppers realize that Amazon has the lowest prices out there on hundreds of items, shipping them for free adds a whole new level of joy.

*Don't have a .edu address? You can get prime for $79 per month and still reap all the benefits.

Hit the Deals While They're Hot

A wise dealfinder once said, "Saving big often comes down to knowing when to buy." Parents and students, think forward to year ahead and the things you are going to need. If you know that your high school student will need more photo supplies for second semester, or that your trusty cross-campus rain boots are going to need to be replaced before the spring thaw, keep your eyes peeled for a great deals and be ready to make a purchase. That way you can buy when the price is right instead of (gasp!) paying retail.

Some current "thinking ahead" deals include: a "school pack" of 200 Eberhard Faber markers for $23 and these Crocs Kids Croctile Mammoth Shoes forĀ  $16.

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