Team BradsDeals Enjoys a Rooftop Baseball Game

Team BradsDeals Enjoys a Rooftop Baseball Game

Brad and team enjoy a rooftop baseball game

We told you recently that the BradsDealers love to utilize local deal sites to save money on things outside of the internet-shopping realm. Two weeks ago (on Brad's first Father's Day!) the BradsDeals team got together to enjoy a rooftop baseball game.

The tickets were purchased through Groupon and included admission, all-you-can-eat food and drinks, as well as access to the rooftop to watch the game. Although we witnessed a terrible (and embarrassing) loss it was still a really great time, made even better by knowing we got a deal on the tickets.

BradsDeals enjoys a baseball game thanks to GrouponIf you're planning a vacation, or even a weekend with friends or family visiting, take the time to browse through local deals happening in your destination city or local area. There are lots of discounts on restaurants and fun events you can do with groups. We know most of you are deal hunters outside of just internet shopping, and utilizing these sites can really help you save on things that could normally cost quite a bit for large groups of people.

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