Brad's Tech Tuesdays: Top 10 Tech Deals for 10/25/11

Brad's Tech Tuesdays: Top 10 Tech Deals for 10/25/11

You like things that plug in. We do too. You like tech specs. We love to share them. You have a Betamax from the late 70's, and you are in the process of converting all of your crummy Blu-rays to Beta so you can watch them in the best format video has ever known. We...well, you're on your own on that last one. But if you like tech, and especially tech deals, we've got you covered.

Betamax: high technology in 1976

The best part is the analog clock

Even if you're a tech novice, and you just like a TV for "watchin' my stories" or you bought the original iMac cause it "came in pink," we've got you covered. With Brad's Top 10 Tech Deals every Tuesday, we'll be bringing you the 10 best TV deals, laptop deals, and electronics deals and coupons we've found over the past week. If it has a battery, be it Lithium-ion or 9 volt, we're on the lookout for the best price on the web.


Consider this a warning: we're about to drop some knowledge. Watch your toes.

Top Tech Deals:

1) HP Multi-Function eAll-in-One Printer: The price of this printer/scanner/photocopier has dropped by more than half the original list price to $54.99. It ships for free, is a current price low by $21, and it can even print from web-connected mobile devices, eliminating the need to email photos from your phone to yourself so that you can print them, etc.

2) LG 55" 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV: This large HDTV is the lowest total price by nearly $270, and it has solid specs, including a 120Hz refresh rate. This means that the TV refreshes the picture 120 times per second, smoothing out any really fast scenes, like live action sports. Also keep in mind that as the size of an HDTV increases, so does the suggested viewing distance. Use Rule 2.5 (as we like to call it!) whereby your viewing distance should be the screen in inches times 2.5, so about 11.5 feet for this screen (55" x 2.5=137.5", or about 11.5').

3) HP DualCore 4GB 5ooGB Laptop: This HP laptop is an entry level model, yet it still has a Dual Core processor. It's priced at $349.99 with a rebate. It has 4GB of memory, to make using multiple programs at once easier, and a 500GB hard drive, which translates to about 25,000 songs. Go ahead, try and fill that hard drive with music.

4) Samsung 40" LED-backlit LCD HDTV $649: Samsung is considered one of the best HDTV manufacturers out there, if not the best. This HDTV utilizes an LED backlight for sharper contrast, and lower energy consumption. It is also well reviewed, having received an average of 4.5 stars out of the combined reviews we were able to find across several websites.

5) Canon T3 DSLR, Telephoto Lens, Printer Bundle $698: The next best price we could find for the camera and lenses was $649, and the next best for the printer was $287.  The camera has a large screen for image preview, and the two lenses allow for everyday shooting, or for capturing clear shots at a distance. Get your paparazzi career started for just under 700 bucks!

6) LG 47" LCD LED 3DTV $950: LG is something of a mid-to-top-tier brand, but if you're making the jump from high definition to 3D, this would be a great first step. At $950, this 3DTV comes with ten (yep, 10!) pairs of 3D glasses, making watching 3D with a group as easy as watching 2D alone. This is a pretty good way to get into the 3D arena, without shelling out a ton of dough. We suddenly have a hankering for pizza. Or bakery bread. Or cinnamon rolls. Mmm, dough!

Top Tech Coupons:

1) $10 Off $100 via code JRGOOG at checkout. has electronics deals, digital cameras, televisions, audio deals, and tons more. They've also been in the game for 40 years now. They know their stuff.

2) 10% Off via code BRADSDEALS10 at checkout. Protect your phone, get another charger, all for 10% less at

3) $15 off $75 Get $15 off $75 from But you already knew that's what we meant, didn't you?

4) Abe's of Maine: $10 off $150 via code BRAD10 at checkout. often has great camera deals, electronics, appliances, computer deals, musical instruments, unicorn saddles (unconfirmed), and more.

Now it's your turn. What tech deals have you purchased lately that you think are worthy of a mention? We love it when we can get a dialogue going, so shoot us a comment. And you, Mr. Betamax, you can send us a fax. We'll totally write you back.

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