The Best of BradsDeals Week 10: 12/21/11

The Best of BradsDeals Week 10: 12/21/11

Have you mentally checked out yet? This week is tough for everybody. The holiday is looming and there's last minute cookie baking and decorating to do. And the dreaded last minute shopping. Nobody wants to brave that crowd, and luckily, you don't have to. We've still got plenty of new deals every day that will ship in time for Christmas, including the five listed here. And remember, it's never too late for gift cards.

Here's this week's best to get you through these last couple days. Just remember, presents and relaxation are in sight!

Top 5 Online Deals:5 Best Deals at Bradsdeals

1. Santa's Delivery Truck Basket $30 Shipped: Don't know what to get for your boss/mother-in-law/secret santa? A gift basket is always a sure bet -- half the pleasure is in opening it! It ships for free if ordered by today, so you better get on it!

2. New Macs from $850 Delivered by XMas!: Apples are notoriously hard to find great deals on, so this is a fantastic sale if you're in the market for a Mac. They even come with a manufacturers warranty. Go ahead and buy yourself an after-Christmas present. You deserve it.

3. Bestselling Magazine Subscriptions $4!: This is another good one for your niece/coworker/neighbor (aka the cast of characters who are notoriously hard to buy gifts for). Just $4 and you've got a gift that lasts all year long. Maybe even spoil yourself with a year of Bon Appetit. You did resolve to become a better cook this year.

4. Xbox 360 4GB Console + $75 Credit $200!: This gaming system also ships for free if ordered by today and you can really think of it as two gifts in one! One gift for the Xbox lover in your life, another for yourself! That gift card is calling your name.

5. Up To 85% off Jewelry + XMas Delivery: Whoever said you can't go wrong with jewelry was right. Especially if it's 85% off! OK, they didn't say the 85% off part, but they might as well have. Choose from a variety of jewelry at where orders placed today can be shipped overnight for $9.95.

Top 5 Online Coupons:

1. $10 off $75 off Macy's via code XJW562A992

2. Chegg: 10% off via this link

3. $25 Gift Certificates for $1 via code JOY at

4. 20% via code GIFT20 at Bath & Body Works

5. 20% off $40 via code BRADSDEALS20 at Carter's

Top 5 Comments:

1. What a great deal! This will be great for my cousin
- Shellu, December 19th, about the $25 iTunes Gift Card for $18

2. AHHH! This is what I want! Everywhere else they're $1100+
- Jamie McCormick, December 20th, about the New Macs from $850 Delivered by XMAS

3. Carter's is one of my favorite stores!! Thanks for the coupon!!! Now I can get even more!!! =)
- Jreid1984, December 21th, about the Carter's Coupon $10 off $50

4. Such an awesome deal!  I got two pairs of clogs for $24.22 and free shipping!  Thanks Brads Deals!  You rock!
- Mmcerreta, December 18th, about the Lands' End Suede/Leather Clogs $1

5. 5 days till Christmas! I'm so excited and love this time of year. These are the best shopping days!!!
- Heather, December 20th, about the Kindle Fire $189 Shipped Today Only!

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