The Best of BradsDeals Week 15: 1/26/12

The Best of BradsDeals Week 15: 1/26/12

We've been doing this weekly feature for 15 weeks now, and one thing is for certain: we consistently find the best deals and coupons for you, and you love us for it! Not to brag or anything, but we have over 444,000 "Likes" on our Facebook Page! And that doesn't even include the 17 Facebook "Like-You-Like-More-Than-a-Friend" we've gotten as well!

So in order to keep those "likes" coming in, we've compiled another great week of the Best of BradsDeals. As always, we have the top 5 deals, top 5 coupons, and top 5 reader comments of the week, assembled in easy-to-digest blog form. So grab a spoon (your internet connected device, of course!) and enjoy! Yum!top 5 Deals, top 5 coupons, top 5 reader comments

Top 5 Online Deals:

1. Cole Haan Air Tall Boots $150 Shipped: These boots are a best price by $119. They are made with Nike Air technology, meaning they are supposedly comfortable...for a knee-high boot. These boots will have you walking on air! Too easy? Sorry, we know better.

2. $30 off Weight Watchers Online: If you're looking to get back into shape, maybe drop a couple of "El Bees" then we've got a good deal for you. This deal drops 3 months of this online weight loss program from $86.80 to $56.85. Use the money you saved to get all of the new, smaller clothes you're gonna need!

3. Crocs Women's Sandals $15 Shipped: These sandals drop to web-wide low prices, just in time for Spring. These aren't your kids Crocs. Thank goodness, cause their feet are too small.

4. 5qt KitchenAid Stand Mixer $238 Shipped: KitchenAid mixers turn baking something as simple as box-mix brownies into a culinary experience. Use the dough you saved to buy stuff to make dough! This thing just writes itself!

5. Under Armour GG Jacket $48 Shipped: This slick, hooded jacket is made from heavy-weight cotton. It's like a beefed up hoodie, with an extra dose of style. It would make a great Valentine's Day gift for the guy in your life as well. He gets to feel comfortable, you get him out of his old, hole-filled college hoodie. Win-win!

Top 5 Online Coupons:

1. Carter's: 20% off $40 via exclusive code BRADSDEALS20

2. Macy's: $10 off $75 via code XJW562A992

3. FTD: 20% off Flowers and Gifts

4. SuperJeweler: Extra 20% off Clearance Jewelry via code CLEARANCE

5. Lowe's: 15% off Energy Star & 10% off Major Appliances

Top 5 Comments:

1. ...Brad you guys are the greatest, thanks again for great deals!!!!
- Msshaw12, January 20th, about the Lucien Piccard Diamond Watch $139 Shipped

2. I've ordered these sheets for 2 of my beds at home - fabulous!
- Marisol, January 25th, about the 500TC Sheet Sets $42 Shipped

3. Well I have to say that I will be jumping on this deal because both my daughter and I have severe allergies but love having down pillows so this will be perfect.
- Dawn, January 22nd, about the 4 Hypoallergenic Down Pillows $68 Shipped

4. Such an awesome price:)
- 13westie13, January 24th, about the Pearl Butterfly Earrings $5 Shipped

5. It worked.  Thanks this is a good deal.
- Atakashima01, January 25th, about the 4 Years of Better Homes and Gardens $15

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