The Best of BradsDeals Week 17: 2/9/12

The Best of BradsDeals Week 17: 2/9/12

Top 5 photo contest

Each week, we bring you the top 5 deals, the top 5 coupons, and the top 5 reader comments for the week with the Best of BradsDeals. As you may have noticed, we also include a picture that represents the number 5. Some previous pics include a Number 5 Sculpture and, our personal fave, a Hand Turkey from our Black Friday/Thanksgiving edition (get it...five fingers!). So where are we going with all of this? We can't remember. Oh wait, yeah, we remember now...

It's your turn to be our photo editor! Send us your best shot that represent the number 5 in some way for the chance to have your photo immortalized forever, right here, in a future edition of The Best of BradsDeals! We'll choose one winner each week. Suggestions include, but are certainly not limited to:

- you and four of your friends in a hot air balloon over the palace of Versailles
- a pic of the five most recent Presidents playing hop scotch at a grade school
- the five rarest birds on Earth, all on the same tree branch, reading the Chicago Tribune
- five sasquatches eating at a Denny's in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Ok, so those might be difficult, but you get the gist. See the end of this entry for more rules and regs, and on your way there, check out this week's Top 5!

Top 5 Online Deals:

1. Tanzanite & Diamond Ring $399 Shipped: This is like a tanzanite stone walked through a diamond mine holding a diamond magnet and took all the diamonds it could hold onto...Valentine's Day is next week, people, and diamonds are probably your lady friend's best friend. Well, aside from you. And the dog...

2. Sweet Splendor Gift Basket $25 Shipped: This gift basket is half off the original price, and shipping is waived, saving you an additional $7. You don't see gift baskets shipped for free very often, so this is a pretty rare opportunity. Have you heard, Valentine's Day is next week? Ok, just checking.

3. JellyPop Jocasta Boots $21 Shipped:These winter boots are a current price low by $29, with warmth to spare. Winter is still here, whether we like it or not. Stop wearing your flip-flops with pillow cases over them, and get this deal! Speaking of pillow cases...

4. Crate & Barrel: 20% off Bedding: Get some sweet sheets at Crate & Barrel with this deal. They like to blend style with affordability over there at C&B, and at 20% off, they're even more affordable. We live for "more affordable" things.

5. Altrec: Up to 70% Off + 15% Off: This outdoor clothing retailer is having a sale on top of a sale. That's like the scoop of ice cream to your slutty brownies (we had these at a Super Bowl party this weekend...holy mother of all things yummy, these are amazing!!!)

Top 5 Online Coupons:

1. 1-800-Flowers: $10 off $49.99 via exclusive code BRADSDEALSVAL

2. Eddie Bauer: 25% off Apparel via code SPRING12

3. Teleflora: 25% off via code TFVDAYBZNW

4. Perfumania: 20% off + Free Shipping with Any Order via code VDAY14

5. Bath and Body Works: 20% off via code PICKED4U

Top 5 Comments:

1. Great price! Had no problems ordering at all and can't wait to get them!
- Christy, February 6th, about the Women's Total Support Sandals $20 Shipped

2. Worked for me. Thanks Brad's Deals!
-TKS, February 2nd, about the Freshwater Pearl Set $15 Shipped

3. These are cute,my grandaughter would love them.
- Xptrish, February 7th, about the Turtle Pearl Earrings $5 Shipped

4. These are great.  I bought 3 pair and my teens love them.
- Elizabeth Lech, February 7th, about the Fila Men's Skele-Toes Amp $49 Shipped

5. Got em! What a STEAL!!! Thank YOU!!
- Loozer22002, February 8th, about the JellyPop Jocasta Boots $21 Shipped

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Photo Contest: So you wanna send us your pics? Well we wanna see 'em! Send them to and we'll take a look. Just remember to please keep these things in mind:

- Make sure that the image is owned by you. We can't accept copyrighted material. Plus, it's more fun to send us your stuff anyway.
- Keep 'em clean! We need a decent resolution here, so please no pics from a late 90's flip phone.
- Keep 'em clean! No nudity, illegal acts, etc. Should be a no brainer, people!
- The file size should be under 5MB, and in JPEG format.
- Give us your first name, or screen name if you prefer, and where you're from please!
- Have fun with this! Anyway that you think the number five can be represented, go for it!
- One more thing, a bit of legal-type stuff: by submitting your photo, you acknowledge that BradsDeals has the right to publish your photo, and by submitting you acknowledge that you hold the copyright to your photo.

We're looking forward to seeing just how creative our readers can be. Thanks everyone, and see you (and your pics!) next week!