The Best of BradsDeals Week 24: 4/5/12

The Best of BradsDeals Week 24: 4/5/12

Top 5 deals, top 5 coupons, top 5 reader commentsApril at last! Spring is in full swing, the flowers are blooming and the Easter Bunny is hiding eggs. It's a good time!

To add to your seasonal buzz, we've got the top 5 deals, top 5 coupons and top 5 reader comments of the week in this latest edition of The Best of BradsDeals. Enjoy!

Top 5 Online Deals:

1. Free Pair of Prescription Glasses!: Still getting a headache from your three-prescriptions-old glasses? Update your specs for the best deal around: freaking free! Well, $5 if you include shipping.

2. Green Mountain 88 K-Cup Pack $51 Shipped: This variety pack is a web-best price by $10. Try some new flavors, rediscover some old faves. Go crazy!

3. Up to 70% Off Oakleys + Free Ship: "The sun is shining in the sky, there ain't a cloud in sight." Protect your peepers in style with some new shades.

4. Travelocity: $100 Off w/ Amex Purchase: Use your American Express card to book a trip with Travelocity, and get $100 off when you spend $500 or more. Or you can get $50 off $250 or more, perfect for a weekend getaway. Spring Break here we come!

5. Ster. Silver Mother's Ring $20 Shipped: Now is the perfect time to get started on Mother's Day shopping. This ring is the perfect gift. Don't you wish everything was this perfect?

Top 5 Online Coupons:

1. Macy's: $10 off $75 via code XJW562A992

2. Zulily: 10% off $50 via exclusive code BRADSZU491

3. Oriental Trading Company: $10 off $69 via code ACAPR12

4. Angie's List: 40% off Any Membership via code ANGIE

5. Children's Place: 25% off via code Q2H2012

Top 5 Comments:

1. Right on time...I have a housewarming to go to in a few weeks.  Great deal!
- Amanda L Butler, April 4th, about the 4 Stainless Steel Canisters $15 Shipped

2. Awesome
- Wendi, April 2nd, about the Swarovski Crystal Locket $30 Shipped

3. thanks so much for sharing! I'll be getting an iPad soon and this will be a great addition! Also ordered a couple of other things for that site as well. Great prices, great find!
- Jenine Yee, April 2nd, about the iPad/iPhone Camera Connect Kit $7 Shipped

4. Just ordered mine! these are great if you stand all day!
- Jon Norris, April 1st, about the Memory Foam Insoles $5 Shipped

5. I'm currently using a Refurb MacBook Air because I found this deal via Bradsdeals. If you're on the fence, Do It!!! It is a great deal for a great product!
- Bulldog, March 31st, about the Refurb MacBook Airs from $849 Shipped

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