The Best of BradsDeals Week 3

The Best of BradsDeals Week 3

Here it is, our Best of the Best. This is the "creme de la creme," the "piece de resistance," the "something else in French" (we took Spanish in High School). In short, this is The Best of BradsDeals Week 3; our latest look at the Top 5 Coupons, Deals, and Reader Comments sure to make you want to dance like a Frenchmen on Bastille Day.

Best of BradsDeals Week 3

This week's top 5 deals, coupons and reader comments

Top 5 Online Coupons:

1. Macy's: 10%-20% off with code PARTY

2. Harry and David: $10 off $75, $20 off $125, or $30 off $150 with code HDFALLTD

3. Spanx: 20% off via code SPANXEMP20

4. Urban Outfitters: $20 off $100 with code BOO

5. Bath & Body Works: 20% off with code CHARMED20

Top 5 Online Deals:

1. Women's Corduroy Winter Coat $20 Shipped: This coat has been very popular since we first found it. A fully-lined winter jacket for $20...sweet!

2. Chase Southwest Plus: 2 Free Flights: This card offers you 50,000 bonus points simply for making your first purchase. That's worth $800 in "Wanna Get Away" fares from Southwest. Buy a pack of gum to help with the cabin pressure, and get two flights to go with that gum for free! Or buy footie pajamas for your niece in Baltimore and fly them to her for free. Or get the picture

3. Nike: Extra 25% Off Clearance: The clearance section is already up to 70% off, but this deal takes another 25% off those prices. It's a deal on top of a deal, wrapped inside a riddle, filled with an enigma...or something.

4. Paul Fredrick Monogrammed Shirt $20: These shirts are normally $44.50, and they are customizable. You get to pick the fit, collar style, the cuffs, the monogram, and the factory they get the thread from. Ok, that last one isn't true, although it may be in the future. We'll keep you posted.

5. CrocsRX Relief Shoes $19 Shipped!: These shoes are designed to relieve many foot conditions, and they are officially certified by several acronyms. Plus, this is $20 less than we saw them for last month!

Top 5 Comments:

1. That's the best price I have seen on the dumbbells in a while thanks for the heads up on the Bowflex coupon code :)
_____- Dori Schwaiger, October 20th, about the Bowflex Dumbbells $285 Shipped

2. works like a charm.
_____- Meathead, October 25th, about the Diamond Heart Pendant $20 Shipped

3. Very cool game - Thanks for the deal.
_____- Mrs. Lee, October 20th, about the Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Free

4. Wow! I love this site!
_____- ChristyMcGill, October 20th, about the $76 Off Pink Sapphire White Gold Ring Coupon

5. Worked great! Love the great deals that you find on Crocs!
_____- Tmstoys2, October 25th, about Crocs Skylar Clog $14 Shipped

So what about you? Any good deals or coupons that you've taken advantage of recently? Leave us a comment, we'd love to discuss them over a cafe au lait, or croissant. Merci beaucoup! We're so worldly!

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Photo courtesy: Michael | Ruiz