The Best of BradsDeals Week 6: Black Friday Edition

The Best of BradsDeals Week 6: Black Friday Edition

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The holiday season is officially in full swing, but our favorite holiday is less than 24 hours away! Black Friday 2011 is around the corner...we can smell it. It smells like deals, and we know from deals! Or is that the turkey? Anyway, we smell something, and it smells darn good.

Today, we offer up our top five for Black Friday week: our top five deals, top five coupons, and as the pumpkin pie to this meal-of-deals, we offer up our top 5 reader comments of the week. So put on your stretchy pants, cause with all these delicious deals, you're gonna wanna stuff your face. Gobble Gobble!Turkey Day Top Five Deals

Top 5 Online Deals:

1. Chase Freedom $300 Bonus Cash Back: It's simple...spend $500 (on an iPad, Christmas gifts, pumpkin pie...OK, that's a lot of pumpkin pie!) in the first three months with this card, and you get $300 bonus cash back. This is $50 more than we've ever seen for this card. Go get your free money!

2. 25% off Clearance + Free Ship!: The best deal offered by Nike, this stackable code offer only comes around once a year. If your running tights are pilling or you're still wearing Zubaz to the gym (really, you're that guy?) now is the time to put an end to your athletic pants madness.

3. 18MP Canon T2i DSLR, 3 Lens Bundle $735!: This is a huge bundle, with a not so huge price. You get the camera, three lenses, two tripods, a 32GB SD card, and the envy of all your point-n-shoot equipped friends. Feels good, doesn't it!

4. Crocs: Sale+ Buy 1 Get 1 Free!: Holy Crocs deal! This is the best we've seen all year. Get a pair for your son and a free pair for your daughter. Or a pair for your wife, and one for your brother. Get two pairs of Crocs, for your significant other. No need to thank us, it's really no bother!

5. 25% Off Sale Items, Uggs, Merrell Shipped: Brands like UGG and Merrell aren't discounted too often, let alone on sale and game for extra coupon savings. Well this deal from includes those brands. It's a double-dip of savings, a good way to over-indulge at Thanksgiving.

Top 5 Online Coupons:

1. Buy 1 Photobook Get 2 Free: via code NOVBOOKS at

2. 10% Off via code TOYADAY10 at

3. 40% off + Free Shipping on Any Order via code THANKS40 at

4. $10 off $50 via code OMAG10 at Dale & Thomas Popcorn

5. 30% Off Any Order+ Free Shipping with $85 via code BRADSDEALS30 at

Top 5 Comments:

1. Did the last deal two weeks ago. Was so pleased with the quality (higher than expected!). And the speed of delivery (about 4 days!).
- Gwen, November 18th, about the 2 NCAA Hoodies for $50 Shipped

2. awsome!!!!
- Chloe0987, November 23rd, about the Finish Line Coupon: $20 off $100

3. Yet again, another awesome deal!  Thanks Brad's Deals.
- Jessica, November 23rd, about the $25 for $50 at American Apparel

4. I just used the discount code for the 1" flat iron. I have been waiting for a deal just like this to be able to order for my daughter for Christmas. Thanks so much!!
- Bvanrhee64, November 20th, about the Sedu Elegant Ed Flat Iron Set $97 Shipped

5. It's a lovely diamond pendant..
- Jewelabel, November 17th, about the 1/2Ct. Diamond Heart Pendant $199 Shipped

So this is our Turkey Day gift to you! Enjoy, and have a great Thanksgiving. See you tomorrow...

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Photo courtesy: patti haskins