The BradsDeals Anti-Valentine's Day Guide

The BradsDeals Anti-Valentine's Day Guide

Mushy cards, stuffed animals, flowers, and candy, all the hype that is Valentine's Day. We get it, February 14th can be a total downer if you're single or can't be with your significant other.  We figure there are 3 options to making it through this pink and frilly day. You can either enjoy it alone, boycott with a group of friends or find solace in the joy that comes from retail therapy. Whichever option most appeals to you, we've got some ideas to help you survive and save your money for days that really matter.

Going Stag:
Netflix: They now offer an 'instant only' plan for just $7.99 a month, but you can get your first month free. Sign up and stream their online content through your computer, XBox, Wii or other media device and curl up for a relaxing night in. Note that Blockbuster also has a free month trial available.

Read Some Mush: Get your romance fix by buying 4 romance novels at Borders and getting your 5th one free with code ROMB4G5AF at checkout. Valentine's Day should be the one day that no one can blame you for losing yourself in a completely unrealistic love story (or 5).

Cook Yourself Dinner: The internet doesn't just provide great deals, it can also hook you up with some great recipes. Some tools you might need include the Martha Stewart 7-Quart Dutch Oven at Macy's for $60.29 after code LOVEHOME at checkout, the lowest price we've seen by $20. Amazon has the Norpro Stainless Vertical Roaster, is $21.66 and has been very highly reviewed by a real-life BradsDeals team member, who will not stop talking about his juicy, perfectly cooked chicken dinner.

Friends Only:
Home Spa: Bath and Body Works is taking 20% off with code Special20 at checkout, so you can stock up on some favorites. Also checkout this Dr. Scholl's Paraffin Bath, which is now on sale from $39.99 to $24.97, and is a unique way to pamper yourself and some friends from your own living room.

At Home Wine Party: This Wine Tasting Party from World Market is $11.69 after code FBCC01 and includes 3 wine bags, 12 glass identifiers, wine fact sheet and more-- you just supply the wine and the wannabe wine snobs.

Groupon: Sign up to start receiving daily Groupons in your city; like half off dinner or drinks at your local bar.  What better way to boycott Valentine's Day than getting all your friends together, raising a half priced martini and toasting to the single life?

Retail Therapy:
Jewelry: Zales is taking $10 off any $100 purchase with code BRADDEALAFF at checkout. This Cushion-Cut Sapphire and Diamond Pendant drops from $109.65 to $99.65, a 23% savings off the original price. You don't always have to receive jewelery as a gift. Get yourself something gorgeous, just for the heck of it.

There are other options to spoiling yourself that don't involve bling or bath salts; you can always get yourself that new phone you've been wanting, or the latest new gadget to keep you entertained. Either way, make sure it's a purchase that you wouldn't normally splurge on-- make it a treat.

iPhone 3GS: If you've been thinking about a new phone, or just really want an iPhone, you can get one for $49 when you sign a 2 year contract with AT&T. Also note that you can get a refurbished model for just $.99!

TomTom XL 335SE: Walmart has this popular GPS for just $69. This unit has a 4.3" touch screen and is $2 under the lowest price we could find for a refurbished model.

Whichever route you decide to take this Valentine's Day, make sure you treat yourself and save some cash.