The Fangirl's Guide to Baseball Bargains

The Fangirl's Guide to Baseball Bargains

Posted on April 10, 2012

Baseball season has finally arrived! And if you're a huge baseball fan like me, there is much rejoicing! Will the Cardinals repeat their World Series win? Will the Cubs finally break the Curse of the Billy Goat? We'll find out in October. In the meantime, here's my list of must-haves for my fellow baseball connoiseurs.

Baseball Movies

Major League BluRay Deal

Charlie Sheen's theme song was "Wild Thing" long before he went crazy in real life.

Baseball is an incredibly romantic sport. Okay, maybe not boy-meets-girls sort of romance, but more like a bromance. Baseball, with it's curses and heroes and scandals. Baseball lovers still talk about the Black Sox, for Pete's sake. And speaking of Pete, they still talk about Pete Rose, too. There's always a good story to be had in baseball. Hollywood obviously agrees with me on that point, given the dearth of baseball movies that have been produced over years.  Three of my favorites are The Natural, Major League, and Moneyball, and all three are available on BluRay at Amazon for $11.99-$17.99.

Watching the Game

As a Cardinals fan living in territory belonging to our archrival, the Chicago Cubs, I know precisely how frustrating it can be when your team is playing not only is the game not on cable, but the radio broadcast is blacked out, too. Talk about adding insult to injury! Being a displaced baseball fan used to be tough.

Roku XD Deal

Watch out-of-market games on your TV with a Roku and an Premium subscription.

Living "out of market" is no longer a problem, though, thanks to my Roku and a subscription to Now I can ignore the Cubs entirely and watch my favorite team - on my HDTV, with my choice of the home or away feed. And as a bonus, if the game is on while I'm out of the house, my subscription also lets me stream the radio broadcast to my smartphone. Technology! It is magic!

A Premium subscription to is $24.99 per month. The Roku may seem pricey at $71.99 even after coupon code save, but it's a one-time cost and there are a lot of cost-saving benefits beyond, including free streaming videos for Amazon Prime members, Pandora Radio, and lots of other goodies.

Baseball Fan Gear

Boston Red Sox Women's Burnout Tee

Baseball fangirls rejoice - fan gear CAN be cute AND affordable!

God bless Alyssa Milano. She's a loud and proud baseball fan, and MLB had the good sense to invite her to the party. As a result, baseball fangirls like us have more options than ever for cute t-shirts, tanks, hats and even bikinis at Check out the Boston Red Sox Women's Fade Route Burnout Tee, marked down from $26.99 to $19.97 or the St. Louis Cardinals Got Squirrels? Women's T-Shirt on sale for just $14.97 is a good bet, too. Oh, Rally Squirrel, how we loved thee... Old Navy also has some great deals on baseball t-shirts, like the Women's MLB "Great Catch" V-Neck Tee for $19.94.

Okay, fine, I'll pander to the Cubs fans for a moment. After all, what good is a rivalry if your enemy can't wear their colors, too? Chicago baseball fans, you have an entire store just for you. Sports World Chicago caters mostly to the Cubbies, the White Sox, and Da Bears (wrong sport, but whatevs). I must grudgingly admit that the vintage Cubs gear is pretty cool. I couldn't ever wear this really cute hat without being disowned by my family, but if I were a Cubs fan I would be all over this Chicago Cubs Royal Faded Baller Cap, on clearance for just $14.95. It would look cute with the Wrigley Field Women's Navy 'Est 1914' Tank for $9.95. Plus, score an extra 5% off your order with coupon code NE37R6SP, or $10 off your order of $75 or more with coupon code 10OFF.

Of course, the holy grail item for any die hard baseball fan is a player jersey. And here I have a small confession to make. After living many years in Denver, I'm also a bit of a Colorado Rockies fan. So, Cardinal Nation, you'll have to forgive me for squeeing a bit over this adorable Colorado Rockies Infant Home White Replica Jersey, on clearance at FansEdge for $19.99. There's no shame in starting them young.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

When going to a ballgame, choose your ballpark wisely, if you have a choice. Ogling the ivy at Wrigley Field may be a pricey proposition, but at Coors Field in Denver you can get a hot dog, a bottle of water and a bleacher seat for about $10 total. That's a smokin' deal, especially when popular teams like the Cubs or the Yankees are visiting!  Wherever you plan to take in the game, you can get 5% off your seats when you buy through TicketsNow. Another tip - public transit is a LOT cheaper than getting gouged for parking near the stadium.

So gear up, my fellow baseball fans, and let the trash talk begin! Share your best tips for baseball bargains and tell us who you're rooting for in the comments below. And while you're here, don't forget to sign up for Brad's Daily Alerts to get more deals like these pitched directly to your inbox.