10 Stores to Bring your Super Bowl Party Ideas to Life

10 Stores to Bring your Super Bowl Party Ideas to Life

It is that time of year again. The time of year that all your beer drinking, football watching, junk food eating dreams become a reality. Whether you're all about the game or all about the party, we've got 10 stores to help make all of your Super Bowl fantasies come true.

Tiger Direct

Do you have a recurring dream of seeing Eli Manning throw an 85 yard pass to win the game? Does your dream include watching it on a big, shiny, new TV? We recommend checking out Tiger Direct. We've seen a Sony 32" Google TV for $420, a 46" 3D Samsung TV for $1300, a Vizio 55" TV for $900 and more. We can't guarantee a new TV will make your team win, but even losing is better on a 55" screen.
Superbowl XLVI

NFL Shop

What if we told you it was a GOOD thing your team didn't make it to the Super Bowl this year? Before you get crazy, think about all the amazing sales you can get on apparel for teams that are not in the big game. Plus, through 2/29 you can use our exclusive code BRADSDEALS7 to get 7% off sitewide! The NFL Shop has Reebok replica jerseys, customizable jerseys in your favorite team colors, hats, collectibles and anything else you'll need to become the envy of football-lovers everywhere.


No Super Bowl fantasy is complete without beer. And yes, this is really a store. Kegerator.com has a selection of kegerators, beer coolers, bar accessories and even furniture. Even if your team is losing at halftime, you can at least rest easy knowing that nobody wants to trash-talk the beer provider.


If 55" is just not big enough for your dream Super Bowl game, you should look into a projector. We must warn you, seeing the Super Bowl on a 70" screen may induce extreme touchdown hysteria, but if you're completely okay with the risks, you should look at PCRush.com. They've got LCD, 3D ready and 1080p projectors, all ready and waiting to make your football fantasies come true.


We consider Brookstone to be one of those stores that frequently make you think "Why don't I have that?" And with free shipping with $49 when you use code 4A1B, you could have it! Whether you want a giant, inflatable NFL player in your front yard, a signed jersey or a genuine piece of turf from your favorite stadium, they have a variety of NFL paraphernalia that will make even the toughest of football fanatics get teary-eyed.


You've probably all heard of FatHeads. Those giant decals that just scream "Yes, I am a football fan". What better way to prove your love of the game than to have Tom Brady plastered on your wall? Oh and don't worry, the ladies in your home will not have an issue with a life-size Tom Brady in their living room (just trust us on this).


Why not prepare for the main event by having your own Super Bowl showdown? Newegg frequently has the best prices on video games for all game systems, including Madden 2012. Build your own team, or play a Giants vs. Patriots pre-game and see if you can predict the outcome of the upcoming match up.
Superbowl XLVI Giants Helmet Bowl


If the Super Bowl is more about throwing an awesome party, and let's be honest, Super Bowl parties are kind of a big deal, FansEdge has some football themed items perfect for making the big game a soire to remember. Helmet shaped bowls, serving trays with your favorite team and soap dispensers, oh my! Turn your home into an NFL fan cave.

Party City

If you're more into disposable Super Bowl gear, Party City is your go-to spot. They have party supplies for the NY Giants, Patriots or football in general. Not only do they provide you with the equipment, they also give you game plans and party ideas.


DirecTV is a great choice for sport fans. Choose the DirecTV Basic Package with over 150 channels for $30/month and they will waive the equipment, installation and shipping fees. New customers can also add NFL Sunday Ticket to their plan for just $5! Don't forget to look into getting a DVR so you can rewind the best plays (and your favorite commercials) so nobody misses a thing during a poorly timed bathroom break.

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