Ending Today: Transfer 20,000 Starwood Starpoints into 33,750 AA Miles

This is a reminder that if you have a Starwood American Express Card and have a decent amount of points, you may want to transfer them today.  The Starpoints Transfer Process has always given a 5,000 bonus on 20,000 point transfers.  Now, American is giving an additional 35% bonus for transfers into their American AAdvantage program that results in over 20,001 miles, or a 25% bonus for lesser transfers.  That means that 20,000 Starpoints turn into 25,000 American Miles and then AA gives you a 35% bonus of 8,750 so you end up with 33,750 in your account.  It's a fantastic deal and the only one of its kind in some time.

Any transfer that is initiated by 6/30 will receive the bonus.  The offer is actually for any kind of Hotel to AA transfer ("eligible AAdvantage program hotel participants")  but Starwood is the most attractive.  Starwood has a transfer cap of 60,000 miles per day so that is all you can transfer today.  A 60,000 point transfer will net you 101,250 miles.  There is no limit otherwise and you can transfer Starpoints to other family members and then transfer those to their AA accounts.  To maximize miles, try and transfer in increments of 20,000 miles.  Starwood to AA transfer generally post on Mondays and then the 35% AA bonus will appear in the next 7 days.  Here are the full terms and conditions.

I've tried this and it worked!

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