Treat Yourself To Jamba Juice & Get A $5 Amazon Gift Card (& Other Sweet Deals)!!

Treat Yourself To Jamba Juice & Get A $5 Amazon Gift Card (& Other Sweet Deals)!!

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but TrialPay has set out to prove that there are free gift cards to be had once you spend some money on that lunch.

Trial Pay logoLaunched in 2006, TrialPay is an offer-based e-commerce payment platform. It sounds technical and possibly intimidating, but what TrialPay does is present you, the customer, with the chance to receive a product or service for free by signing up for a trial service or spending money on a separate product or service from one of their advertising partners.

You can find everything from restaurant gift cards to antivirus software to video games to new voices for your GPS system (choose Master Yoda, you should), all of it for free, so long as you’re willing to sign up for any one of the multiple trial subscription (some paid, others free) upon checkout.

You can see and try it out for yourself here, with offers for a free $10 gift card to Papa John’s or a free McAfee VirusScan Plus license, among others.

But TrialPay have begun facilitating in-store deals as well, affording you the opportunity to spend money at many of your favorite retailers or restaurants and, in return, have free gift cards emailed to you. So how does that translate to freebies for you? Allow me to explain.

TrialPay Infographic

I recently utilized a TrialPay offer to garner a free $5 Amazon gift card just for spending $5 at Jamba Juice (an offer we've linked to just at the bottom of this post). The entire process was quick, painless, and, best of all, it simply made sense.

If (or most likely when) I'm running late in the morning and haven't had anything for breakfast, I know that I can always grab a smoothie from the Jamba Juice at the train station on my way to the office. If I know that I'm already going to be spending at least $5 at Jamba Juice, why wouldn't I want to receive a $5 gift card to Amazon for a purchase at a store that I regularly frequent?

All I had to do was link the offer to my card and spend as I normally would, saving me the hassle of having to worry about finding and bringing a coupon with me. TrialPay never charges your card, they securely store your card's information so they can provide you with the reward once the offer you signed up for is completed.

The key to getting the most out of TrialPay offers is finding deals for brands that you already know and love. That way, there’s little to no opportunity cost associated with utilizing TrialPay’s deals. Or you can always use TrialPay as an excuse to try something new. The fact that a plate of spaghetti and meatballs at Buca di Beppo can now come with a $5 Amazon gift card makes them that much tastier, right?

And with over 10,000 merchants and more than 2,000 advertisers, I don’t think you’ll have a rough go at finding great TrialPay offers that fulfill your wants and needs.

Looks like you may get that free lunch after all.

I’ve included TWO TrialPay deals EXCLUSIVE to BradsDeals readers that I can guarantee you’ll not only like, you’ll be able to utilize them almost immediately. If you want them, though, you’ll need to hurry; these deals are only redeemable for the first 100 customers that complete the offers!!

If you like those, be sure to check out our Jamba Juice, Burger King, Buca di Beppo and Yankee Candle pages for additional TrialPay deals!

Important: To redeem these offers, click through the promo links above and register your credit card with TrialPay. The gift card will be sent to you via email within a few days of your purchase. These offers cannot be combined with any other discounts or special offers."Purchases must be made within 30 days of registering through the provided links.  Purchases made using a pin number are not eligible and some VISA branded cards, such as corporate or prepaid cards, are also not eligible for this promotion. See TrialPay for complete terms, conditions and exclusions.


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