Unique Bridal Party Gifts for the Summer Wedding Season

Unique Bridal Party Gifts for the Summer Wedding Season

Having a wedding is expensive, but it's important to never forget the ones that support you through it all. Finding a wedding party gift that's suitable for all your bridesmaids and groomsmen seems tough, but the best thing to remember is this is a gift for them, not you. That means, try and stay away from gifts that will only be used on the wedding day (i.e. Bridesmaid t-shirts or ties that match the groomsmen suit). The possibilities are endless and should be catered to your bridal party's tastes. If you have time, you can even make each gift personal to each individual person, just remember to make them of equal value so no one feels left out. Here are our tips for unique bridal party gift ideas.

For the Bridesmaid:

Bridesmaid Tote bag

These tote bags are great for groceries, the beach, and every day use!

  • Monogrammed Madness: A monogrammed bridesmaid gift can be meaningful and useful. Our favorites are tote bags or makeup bags. She'll be able to use the tote at the beach or the grocery store and the makeup bag for travel. Just try and make each items reflect her style to ensure future use. Choose The Wedding Channel Store and personalization is free! These totes are great for groceries, the beach, and everyday use!
  • A pashmina: Not necessarily one that matches their dress for the wedding night, but maybe one in their favorite color or pattern. This is a timeless item they may not have normally bought for themselves, but will undoubtedly become a wardrobe staple.
  • A quality clutch: Again, it doesn't need to be for the wedding night, but instead one in their style or something classic in a sleek black. Find something that will last and be their go-to.

For the Groomsman:

  • Monogrammed Madness: This gift works for men as well. Our favorites for groomsmen include a flask, money clip, or toiletry case. All those options could probably use an update and he'll be thanking you every time he uses them.
  • Sports Jerseys: Are the groomsmen in the bridal party all die-hard fans of a certain team? Get them hats, t-shirts, or jerseys for their favorite players! Reebok is a great place to turn for these, and has 30% off clearance items this week!
  • Professional Shaving kit: Switch up their routine from a boring razor and get them a sweet shaving kit like this one┬áby Art of Shaving.

    Art of Shaving Kit for Groomsmen

    This kit includes all they need for a clean shave!

  • Meat: An order of some choice prime steak will usually do the trick. Or get them a membership to a bacon of the month club!

For Either:

  • Dining Gift Certificates: Give them something to enjoy after the wedding like a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant. Hey, if you're lucky, they'll even take you!
  • Photo Frame: Get a nice photo frame like this one from Macy's that will last them forever. Bonus points if you find a good picture of the two of you to put in it.
  • Cash: Last but not least, cash is never a bad idea. You can put it directly toward their dress/suit or give it in the form of an American Express gift card.

Hope everyone is having a good wedding season! If you missed our Off-Registry Wedding Gifts post, check it out here to find a unique gift for the happy couple.

Have you ever given or received a unique wedding party favor? Let us know in the comments below!

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