Why You Shouldn't Buy A New iPad

Why You Shouldn't Buy A New iPad

The introduction of the iPad 2 has many people considering buying the newest version of this internet tablet. What some people don't realize is that instead of spending money on the new version, it may actually be a great time to consider purchasing the original.

Many times when a new generation of a product is introduced, the price of the original product will drop. What consumers must then decide is whether or not the features the new generation boasts are worth the extra money. Sometimes if you're looking for the most basic tasks from a gadget, getting the original version for a lesser price is your best bet.

Taking a look at the iPad:

The original 64GB iPad (WiFi + 3G) is currently $529 at AT&T, while the 64GB iPad 2 (WiFi + 3G) is $699 at the Apple Store. There are several other original iPads for less at Apple.com in their clearance section. Going even more basic, for those of you who may not need as much memory, BestBuy.com has the 16GB Apple iPad (WiFi) for $399, which is $100 under its iPad2 counterpart.

Also keep in mind that older versions will also have refurbished products, like this refurbished 16GB iPad (WiFi) for $429. Buying refurbished items could potentially save you even more, especially when compared to the price of a new model.

Other items with older versions worth considering:

The 8GB iPhone 3GS is available now through AT&T for just $49, while its newer version the iPhone 4 starts at $199. There are differences that cause this price variation; but if you're looking for a basic smart phone that can support apps, receive messages and e-mail, take pictures and perform other basic tasks, it might be a smart idea to save the $150 and get the iPhone 3GS.

With eReaders becoming more and more popular, you may have started looking into the Nook and Nook Color or the Kindle and Kindle 3G. The Nook Color is great for magazines, but if you plan on only reading books, it may be better to spend the $149 on the original Nook rather than $249 for the Color.

The Kindle Wi-Fi version, which connects only where wireless is available, is $139, while the Kindle with 3G is $189 and allows you to download books from anywhere. If you don't see yourself needing to download a book while away from home, it might not be worth the extra $50 for the 3G and the Wi-Fi version will meet your needs.

As mentioned in an older blog post, TVs are another great example of items that could be found for less depending on their features. Look into whether or not the size you're buying will be greatly affected by resolution (1080p vs. 720p) and be sure not to go too large for your space. Older models with less extra features could end up saving you hundreds.

Computers are a little bit trickier and instead of looking for model numbers, you may have to look into specs and consider the features based on your needs. A great example would be this Dell Inspiron 15R Laptop and the New Inspiron 15R Laptop. In short, the older version has an Intel Core i3 380M processor and the new has Intel Core i3 2310M processor. The older one also has 3GB of memory and a 320GB hard drive, while the newer one has 4GB of memory and a 500GB hard drive.

So if you're not looking for programs to open a few seconds faster or are not a huge video game fanatic, the older model, which is $150 less, might be the best choice for you.

Although much excitement comes along with the introduction of new products, you must be careful not to get caught up in the hype. If the features of the new product would be beneficial and necessary for you, then by all means splurge (or look for deals and coupons!). But, if you are looking for something basic, the introduction of a new version might be the best time to purchase the original version at a reduced price.