Can You Buy Everything Online? Almost. Brad does!

Now that we’re in the coldest part of the year, people tend to think more about how to buy everything online from the comfort of their own home. A lot of people ask me “How many things do you buy online?” The answer is that I buy almost everything online. Why? Well, the deals are better than anywhere offline (yes, even warehouse clubs), there is often no sales tax and it is more convenient for me (especially during winter weather in Chicago!).

A tiny amount of the food I buy online

I buy most of the non-perishable food I eat – everything from peanuts, oatmeal, rice and vitamins to a 10lb. bag of organic gojiberries (beat that for obscurity!) – and drinks such as bottled water, milk (it’s soy, so comes shipped room temp, somehow) and tea. I’m trying to not eat any animal-based fats (no meat, no dairy, no eggs, etc.) or any processed foods. That means lots of obscure things. Normally, that means expensive obscure things but the internet really helps me save.

Bulk Soap, etc.

I buy all soap, shampoo and personal care items in bulk online (think and for less than I could anywhere locally. This includes everything from paper towels to tooth paste to deodorant to razors to shaving cream to contact lenses. Amazon’s “subscribe and save” is brilliant both because it knocks an extra 15% off but also because it keeps me stocked of things I don’t want to run out of.

But How Good Are The Deals?

My bed. Mattress, sheets, pillows, frame via the internet.

My checks were $4, my Gevalia coffeemaker was free, my water is under $0.20 a bottle and it’s delivered (no heavy lifting!), my mattress was 40% off after I found a rare “employee discount code” for The W Hotel Store and the awesome Scottish travel pictures on my wall were 35% off via an exceptionally large Allposters coupon. Even my  HP laser printer was over half-off retail and $65 to $115 less than most people usually pay.

My $2 Lead Crystal Glasses and $1 Bottles of Alcohol

I stocked an entire bar full of expensive lead crystal glasses and mid-shelf alcohol for pennies on the dollar.

My Sounddock!

The only reason I own a Bose Sounddock or Bose QC3 headphones is because I found a rare coupon code that took, curiously, 24% off Bose products and had to see if it would work! It did, so many others got to save, as well.

I’ve  bought my sheets, silverware, the music I listen to (when not listening for free), my TV and DVD Player, my desk and desk chair, my phones and all computer products (computer, mouse, monitor, printer, paper, ink, etc.).

My "All Posters"
Scotland via Allposters

My wife and I bought our wedding bands on Blue Nile using a coupon code. We’ve bought stamps from, wine from, sheets from Overstock and SmartBargains, rugs from Overstock and a variety of dog food, supplies and vitamins from a mix of online pet stores.

While you can’t buy every single thing in life on the internet, you can sure get quite a lot, it just requires a little planning. Don’t be afraid to buy in bulk! Watch for the best deals and make room in your home for excess products.

Do you buy most of your everyday items online? Share what you buy with me in the comments section.



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  1. Holy cow, that is amazing! And hard to believe, which makes it fantastic that you included photos!