The Personal Finance section of Do More, Spend Less reveals the strategies and opportunities that will allow you to take control of your financial future instead of settling for status quo options.

Rather than being a victim of banks, car dealers, credit card companies, and mortgage lenders, beat them at their own game to enrich your life, not theirs.

Here are a few examples of what I address in the Personal Finance section:

  • Autos: How to play car and win the car leasing game (or how to lease a $60,000 Mercedes for the same price as a $30,000 Toyota).
  • Banks: The awesomeness of credit unions (or how a 25-year-old can have twice as much money in retirement).
  • Credit Cards: The four types of credit cards (or the four good types of credit cards plus a fifth you can ignore).
  • Loans: Why you should never get a mortgage or home equity line from your bank.