Over the past 12 years I have helped a lot of people - literally millions - become better consumers and save a ton of money, specifically in retail.

The Retail section of Do More, Spend Less reveals the road map that will allow you to take control of your shopping and never be held back from buying the things you need – and want!

Here are just a few examples of what you’ll find in the Retail section:

  • All the free DVDs a kid could ask for (or how to get banned from eBay).
  • Coupons with no threshold (or why I own a closet full of Brooks Brothers clothes I wouldn’t have bought otherwise).
  • How I stumbled onto $1,000 when my TV broke.
  • Why I bought $10,000 worth of Bose products and profited from It (Or How Red Envelope’s bankruptcy got me my headphones).
  • Why you should never buy a Mac at the Apple store (or reason 1,343,206 that everything you know about being a consumer is wrong).