Despite my passion for finding a good deal, I was never a good traveler and often settled for going to price comparison travel sites and booking the first hotel room that was available instead of shopping around.

Over the past several years, I have become an aficionado and an expert traveler, with more than 5 million frequent flyer miles in the bank and millions more redeemed. I can travel the world while flying first-class and staying in five-star hotels. The best part is that you can learn everything I have learned.

The Travel section of Do More, Spend Less unlocks the secrets and opportunities to see the world and live the highlife for less than the average traveler pays for coach and standard rooms.

Here are a few examples in the Travel section:

  • How I got a $40,000 trip to Australia and New Zealand at almost no cost!
  • Turning coins into a million miles (or how I made the government $2 Million).
  • Hacking together a first-class trip to Costa Rica (or why buying miles can be smart).
  • A quickie: How to save $500 and fly across the country for free at the last minute.
  • How to rent 6,000 square feet of Steve Wynn’s Hotel for barely $100 a person per night (or how to live like a king without betting your castle at the tables).