3 Reasons Why Gift Cards Rock!

Merry Christmas to each of you celebrating this holiday today/tomorrow!

I’m often asked about last-minute holiday shopping deals, tips, etc. I actually just did an interview with Jayne O’Donnell at USA Today on this subject.

There are many great deals and discounts to be had – even today (Christmas Eve)! One tip that I think is understated is that it’s okay to buy your loved ones gift cards. In fact, I’d recommend that you buy gift cards instead of just running out and grabbing an obligatory Christmas gift. Here are my quick tips/reasons why you need to listen to me here:

  • More For Less – You can actually land a $100 gift card for $80…yes, that’s right, you can buy a gift card that is worth more than you pay for it! Check out gift card marketplaces like CardPool.com and PlasticJungle.com
  • Year-End Blowouts – Brick & mortar retailers often have a surplus of items that they have overstocked on their shelves throughout the holiday shopping season. Knowing that shoppers are in last-minute mode, they rarely lower the prices on these items until AFTER Christmas. The week between Christmas and New Years is an incredible time to walk into these retailers and find or bargain for a great deal (NOTE: don’t be afraid to ask for the department managers and haggle for a better price). Retailers don’t want to finish the year with this overstock and would gladly offload the merchandise to add to their bottom line here in 2012.
  • The Thought That Counts – This post is exactly what you need to share to go beyond anyone that claims a gift card is a thoughtless gift. The fact that you thought through the fact that they could do more and spend less…AND actually get something they wanted should overcome anyone’s negative feelings toward the gift card:)

Cheers and Merry Christmas!

Do More, Spend Less Hits #1 on Barnes & Noble Top 100

Momentum continues to grow in anticipation of my new book Do More, Spend Less – The New Secrets for Living the Good Life for Less. Just today we became the #1 selling book on Barnes & Noble’s Top 100 list…

I couldn’t be more excited and grateful to everyone that has pre-ordered my book over the last several weeks.

Continue to check back to this blog and book site in general for new updates and information about the launch of Do More, Spend Less in January!

If you haven’t ordered my book, we are concluding a 2-day sale of the book on both Barnes & Noble and Amazon (ends December 18 at 11:59 p.m.). This brings the price of the book to 50% off or $8.97!

If you have already purchased the book on Amazon, this is really good news as Amazon has a pre-order price guarantee which should allow you to match this current $8.97 price!

Again, thanks in advance for all of your support and kind words – can’t wait to receive your feedback on the book and to help you live the Do More, Spend Less lifestyle yourselves!


Announcing December’s “Operation Pre-Order”

The initial response to the announcement of Do More, Spend Less over this past week has been incredible – thank YOU!

I’m excited to pre-announce that starting in December I will be offering a series of special offers and deals for anyone purchasing my book in advance of December 31, 2012. I’ll be referring to this as “Operation Pre-Order.” I am able to offer these exclusive discounts and deals in advance of the book shipping out in early January, so in the spirit of Do More, Spend Less, you’ll want to be sure and jump in and buy the book during these offers!

While I can’t reveal all of the specifics, there are a number of exciting opportunities I’ll be announcing starting on Monday including the opportunity to:

  • Win a VIP trip for 2 to Chicago for my launch party in January – limo service, hotel and airfare!
  • Join me in an intimate online hangout (less than 10 people at a time) throughout the year allowing us to talk more about how you can experience this Do More, Spend Less lifestyle!
  • Meet me LIVE at an exclusive Do More, Spend Less event in early 2013!

Again, I wrote this book because I’ve seen the impact that BradsDeals.com has had on each of your lives – the time and significant financial savings. For the first time I reveal the 50 best examples explaining in detail how I’ve benefited within the worlds of shopping, travel and personal finance!

So excited to have you be a part of this journey and thanks again for buying the book and being a big reason why I wrote it!

Do More, Spend Less Hits Amazon #1!

On Tuesday I announced the upcoming launch of my book, Do More, Spend Less – The NEW Secrets of Living the Good Life for Less! with each of you.

I am offering my exclusive 2012 Holiday Shopping Guide to anyone that pre-orders my book before December 24, 2012. The emails and response has been incredible and Do More, Spend Less quickly moved into the Amazon Best Seller lists as the top selling “Personal Finance” and “Consumer Guide” in addition to being one of the only books for pre-launch to break the Amazon Top 100 list!

Thank you so much for buying my book and I hope you’re having an amazing Black Friday!

PS: Please tell me what the BEST deal is you’ve found is…I’d love to hear!


Exclusive Deal! Brad’s 2012 Holiday Shopping Guide

The Holiday Shopping Season is upon us and I’ve escaped the craziness of both our BradsDeals.com and BlackFriday2012.com sites to personalize my very own 2012 Holiday Shopping Guide – just for you!

I’ve dug deep and pulled out all of my insider strategies, tips, and have even created customizable forms and more in this 15-page 2012 Holiday Shopping Guide!

I’m only offering this personalized planning guide when you pre-order your very own copy of Do More, Spend Less before December 24, 2012. For More Detailed Information

So how do you get this? It’s simple….

1. Pre-Order Do More, Spend Less online NOW!


2. Email me your receipt at holidayguide@bradsdeals.com

3. I will send you an electronic copy of my Do More, Spend Less 2012 Holiday Shopping Guide for you to personalize and leverage

I’d love your feedback on the Guide and to hear how you leveraged to Do More, Spend Less this holiday season! Cheers!

Welcome to the Do More, Spend Less Blog!

Welcome! I’m so excited to be connecting with you here on the site and blog for my new book, Do More, Spend Less – The NEW Secrets of Living the Good Life for Less!

After spending the past 12 years brining you the very best discounts and deals on my site BradsDeals.com, I figured it was time to pull back the curtain and reveal ALL of my secrets about being a smarter consumer and saving both time and money!

Here are a couple ways you can engage with me and the launch of Do More, Spend Less in early January 2013:

  • Pre-Order Do More, Spend Less – If you pre-order a copy of my book before December 24, 2012 and email me your receipt to holidayguide@bradsdeals.com, I will send you my exclusive 2012 Holiday Shopping Guide (I will be rolling out a number of other great promotions over the next couple weeks in addition to this one!)
  • Join Me Here – I’d value connecting with you here on my Do More, Spend Less blog where I’ll be revealing many topics and real-world examples highlighted in the book. You can click on the RSS feed button at the top of this post to get these posts delivered to you when and wherever is most convenient for you.
  • Subscribe – In addition, you can subscribe to my Do More, Spend Less newsletter (blue box at the bottom of this site) where we will be providing bi-monthly updates on the book with exclusive videos, giveaways and more!

I couldn’t be more excited to reveal my personal secrets about being a smarter, stronger and wealthier consumer with each of you! I’m looking forward to connecting with each of you here and most of all to hear back from you about how Do More, Spend Less has changed your life.

Talk more soon!