Brad’s Deals Sponsors ‘Frugal Living’ Podcast Series

November 23, 2020

New podcast debuts with Black Friday episode; series offers expert insights on how to spend less and get more

ST. THOMAS – U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS (November 23, 2020) – Brad’s Deals a team of real people committed to saving shoppers time and money by connecting them with validated online deals and discounts, is sponsoring a new six-episode podcast series titled Frugal Living in an effort to help consumers under very trying economic times better understand how they can spend less and get more.

Hosted by Jim Markus, the podcast series features interviews with a variety of consumer experts offering their stories, tips, and tricks across different topics ranging from Black Friday to reward points travel to cost-effective gaming.

Episode 1: Is Black Friday Still a Thing?
Holiday shopping in 2020 has been drastically different than anything we have experienced before starting with a Prime Day event in October that effectively kicked off the Black Friday season. In the inaugural episode, Brad’s Deals’ retail expert Casey Runyan helps Jim answer the question about its history and current-day relevance.

Episode 2: Open Secrets About Electronics Deals
Fake reviews. Counterfeit products. We know they’re out there, but how do we avoid them? In the second episode, Jim talks with Brad’s Deals’ electronic gurus Michael Ahene and David Dritsas about spotting fakes, evaluating online stores, and how they personally find the best deals on electronics.

Episode 3: Online-Shopping Horror Stories
Brad’s Deals’ Chris Rucks and Kaitlynn Kelly, and Ed Witt of Northside Comic Artists tell Jim about their real-life online-shopping horror stories and give consumers insights on how to avoid similar pitfalls.

Episode 4: Board Games and Video Games and TTRPG Oh My!
Samantha Nelson of the podcast Critical Hit joins Jim for an episode discussing frugal ways to find board games, video games, and tabletop role-playing games this holiday season.

Episode 5: Is It Possible to Use Reward Points to Travel the World?
Brad’s Deals’ Mark Jackson talks with Jim about how to use reward points (from credit cards, hotels, airlines, etc.) to cost-effectively travel the world in luxury.

Episode 6: Where to Watch Movies for Free
Jim speaks with Tasha Robinson, the film and TV editor at Polygon and co-host of The Next Picture Show podcast, about how to find cheap shows and movies.

The six-episode Frugal Living series is available now for download on iTunes, Spotify, or anywhere listeners go to find podcasts.

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