Amazon Can Leave Packages in Your Parked Car Now

Amazon Can Leave Packages in Your Parked Car Now

Prime members now can have packages delivered to the trunk of their car, and honestly, it sounds kind of awesome.

In-car delivery is the latest add-on to Amazon Key, the service rolled out in late 2017 which lets Amazon into your house to deliver packages rather than leave them exposed to weather and theft out on the stoop.

What you need

There’s a whole list of requirements you’ll need to satisfy to determine whether or not you can use the new in-car delivery service. For example:

  • Your car must be a Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, or Volvo.
  • That car must be model year 2015 or newer.
  • It must be connected to On Call or OnStar.
  • And you must be an Amazon Prime member, of course.

So put another way, you can only do this if your car is a specific make with a qualifying model year and a connected service plan. Amazon is not going to drop packages in your 1997 Toyota Corolla.

If you’re really excited about this idea but not sure whether your car qualifies, you can check for eligibility here.

Amazon in car delivery

How it works

The service uses Amazon Key and works much like its in-home delivery service. You’ll link your car to the app and choose “in-car delivery.” An Amazon delivery person finds your car, wherever it’s parked, and unlocks your trunk through your connected car service (this is why you need On Call or OnStar). Once your package is delivered, you’ll get a notification through the app.

While it sounds kind of creepy to have a stranger leaving boxes in your car, I’m a lot less hesitant about it than I am about the idea of letting a stranger deliver packages inside my home. Thinking about how and why someone might use this service, it becomes much more appealing.

For example, you could order your kids’ Christmas gifts online and have them delivered to your car to keep them out of sight. Or if you’re stuck in meetings all day, heading straight to your company’s softball game after work, and realize you forgot your glove, you can have Amazon leave one in the trunk for you.

Mostly, we’re sad that in-car delivery isn’t more widely available, given the technical requirements. For the rest of us, we can always leverage Amazon Lockers for more convenient package delivery options away from home.

How would you use Amazon In-Car Delivery? Tell us in the comments!

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