Black Friday Predictions: Best Buy Black Friday Ad for 2018

Black Friday Predictions: Best Buy Black Friday Ad for 2018

Every year, there’s that one guy who makes the news for camping out in front of Best Buy for a month to secure his place in line for the Black Friday doorbusters. We may not advocate claiming your spot in line that early, but that doesn’t change the fact that Best Buy’s Black Friday doorbusters are always some of the best.

When will we see the 2018 Best Buy Black Friday Ad?

These were the publication dates for the Best Buy Black Friday ad for the last four years:

  • Wednesday November 12, 2013
  • Tuesday November 11, 2014
  • Tuesday November 10, 2015
  • Thursday November 10, 2016
  • Wednesday November 8, 2017

Looking at this pattern, we think we’ll see Best Buy’s Black Friday ad arrive on Thursday November 8, 2018. That puts it just one day before Veteran’s Day, the last big shopping holiday before Black Friday rolls around.

Once the Best Buy ad arrives, you’ll find it in our 2018 Black Friday Shopping Guide.

What will Best Buy’s Black Friday hours be?

Best Buy has stuck with 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day for the last few years. We’re not expecting to see anything different for 2018. It may be worth noting that Best Buy only reluctantly crossed over into Thursday when the sales were still starting at midnight, but that was several years ago now and we doubt that Best Buy will be leading a retreat back to Friday.

What to Expect from Best Buy’s Black Friday Doorbusters

Those folks who make the news camping out in front of Best Buy for a month ahead of Black Friday? They’re usually after the televisions, and while their campout strategy is pretty extreme, those TV doorbusters are definitely worth standing in line for if you have the time. Best Buy had a Sharp 50″ 4K Smart TV for $180 and a 55″ Toshiba 4K Ultra HDTV for $280 amongst the doorbusters last year, and we expect this year’s crop of doorbuster TVs to push that price down even further on Black Friday. Look for best of class pricing on 4K TVs 55″ or larger.

The $999.99 Macbook Air is another mainstay of Best Buy’s Black Friday strategy, always the latest model with a 13.3″ screen.

New Release Blu-ray Movies from $8.99
Select new release movies will get the doorbuster treatment, marked down to $9.99. In 2017, titles included Wonder Woman, The Fate of the Furious, and Transformers: The Last Knight. It’s not a big leap to think we may see titles like Solo, Avengers: Infinity War, and Coco making the cut for Black Friday 2018.

Samsung Galaxy S9, Google Pixel 3, iPhone Xs, and iPhone Xr
Latest models of the most popular smartphones are another Black Friday mainstay, usually paired with gift cards and trade-in bonuses that bring the prices down to earth. Samsung often uses Black Friday to introduce new pricing on the latest model ahead of a Spring release of the next.

Audio Prices Stay in the Groove

As rapidly as electronics evolve from one year to the next, audio seems to move at a much slower pace. Take Klipsch speakers and subwoofers, pictured above, as an example – the same models have featured the same Black Friday prices since at least 2014.

Also check out the selection of sound bars next to them in each ad. The brands and models are different, but the prices are in the same ballpark, albeit sometimes lower in 2015. It’s not hard to guess that we’ll see similar pricing on similar sound bars in the 2016 Black Friday ad.

More Black Friday Encore Deals at Best Buy

HDMI Cable

  • 2014: $9.99
  • 2015: $9.99
  • 2016: $9.99
  • 2017: $9.99
  • 2018 Prediction: $9.99

Klipsch Reference Bookshelf Speakers

  • 2014: $124.99
  • 2015: $124.99
  • 2016: $124.99
  • 2017 Prediction: $124.99

Nest Learning Thermostat

  • 2014: $199.99
  • 2015: $249.99 + $50 Gift Card
  • 2016: $199.99
  • 2017: $199.99
  • 2018 Prediction: $199

Samsung 25.5 Cu Ft. French Door Refrigerator

  • 2015: $999.99
  • 2016: $999.99
  • 2017: $1,049.99
  • 2018 Prediction: $1,049.99

Canon PIXMA Wireless All-In-One Printer

  • 2015: $69.99
  • 2016: $69.99
  • 2017: $69.99
  • 2018 Prediction: $69.99

Sony Dualshock 4 Wireless Controllers and XBOX One Controllers

  • 2015: $39.99
  • 2016: $39.99
  • 2017: $39.99
  • 2018 Prediction: $39.99

Samsung Wireless Charging Stands

  • 2015: $29.99
  • 2016: $29.99
  • 2017: $24.99
  • 2018 Prediction: $24.99

Compare for yourself!

Of course, this isn’t meant to be every deal that we expect to come back for Best Buy’s 2016 Black Friday sale. We’ve provided the last three years of Best Buy Black Friday ads below so you can compare for yourself. The more you know, the better you can plan, and the more you’ll save!