The 5 Best Things to Buy in March

The 5 Best Things to Buy in March

You’ve waited patiently and it’s finally here – spring! The birds are chirping louder, you can start to feel the sun again, and you’ve gone outside at least a few times not dressed like Randy from A Christmas Story. So what does that mean shopping-wise? Check out our list below for March’s best buying bets.


March may be the beginning of the spring season, but it’s smack dab between a number of shopping seasons. It’s too late for retailers to raise prices for Valentine’s Day but too early for them to increase prices for Mother’s Day, which makes it a perfect time to snag your favorite baubles at a bargain.

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Speaking of being between seasons, March also falls between holiday and summer vacation season. And for the same reason it’s a good time to buy jewelry, it’s also one of the best times to find deep discounts on suitcases, totes, and toiletry bags before you jet for spring break.

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With spring having sprung and retailers filling their shelves with swimwear, sandals, and sunglasses, they will do whatever they can to rid themselves of all things winter. Look for some of the best coat and winter accessories deals of the year to happen this month.

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Exercise equipment

Once the holiday gluttony is over, consumers assuage their guilt by purchasing in-home exercise equipment. But once the weather starts to get warmer, folks have more opportunities to head outside for their daily dose of cardio. This means equipment doesn’t move quite as quickly as retailers would like, so they increase discounts to get them out faster. It’s a win-win!

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Frozen Food

Did you know March is National Frozen Food month? Well you can bet your local grocery chain knows it and will do their best this month to provide you tasty deals. Keep your eyes and ears out for TV, radio, and social media promotions.

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What do you like to buy in March? Let us know in the comments below!