Brad’s Daily Non-Deals: Why We're Posting Items That Aren’t on Sale

Brad’s Daily Non-Deals: Why We're Posting Items That Aren’t on Sale

Our goal at Brad’s Deals is to make sure you never have to pay full price. But we know you can’t always wait for things to go on sale. We understand that holidays, gift-giving occasions, vacations, and major weather changes can sneak up on a person. Now we’ve got you covered for those, too, with our new Best Price Today collection. 

Searching and Finding Made Easier

As deal editors, we typically look for the lowest shipped price from a reputable seller on a given product. But what happens if a popular item never goes on sale, has an unimpressive discount, or is the same price at more than one store? We don’t want to leave these products off the site, because they’re constantly being searched. We also don’t want to claim something is a deal when it’s not.

That’s where Best Price Today comes in. On this page, editors post the best prices they can find for heavily searched, always-in-demand items like KitchenAid mixers, North Face jackets, and Nike shoes. We’ve chosen the current featured brands and products based on data from several years of deal clicks and site searches.

We started with 12 consistent favorites, and we plan to add more over time, based on seasonality, popularity, and available quantities. Your product inquiries and deal alert requests on our site will help us choose additional products to feature. So each time you search for a product or set up a deal alert, you’re giving us new data we can use to bring you the deals you're actually looking for (thanks in advance!).

Check Best Price Today to find the current lowest price on twelve popular deals.


The Small, the Large, and the Ugly

Another big frustrater we’re trying to address is items with a price range. Often, the low price only applies to the smallest sizes, the largest sizes, and the ugly colors. This is disappointing and irritating, to say the least.

In these cases, sellers aren’t really trying to trick us, although we often feel tricked. Many retailers discount the previous season’s styles or colors once a new season begins. Others will discount one current colorway at a time or designate one popular style as a “loss leader,” priced below the market to generate interest. These things can result in one product having two or more prices.

With Best Price Today, we try to link to more than one seller to cover a full range of sizes and colors when posting shoes and clothing. We'd like to post stand mixers in more colors, but so far we've found the lowest prices in neutral colors only. Some deals can sell out as quickly as we post them, but we update each deal every 24 hours. You’ll find the freshest ones around 10 am Eastern Time.

Visit our Best Price Today page to find out where to buy in-demand products at their lowest prices each day, even if those prices don’t qualify as deals. You can bookmark a specific product, or the entire page. With the holiday season just around the corner, we aim to make our site as helpful as possible.