Don’t Panic–We’ll Help You Navigate Online Shopping During the Coronavirus Epidemic

Don’t Panic–We’ll Help You Navigate Online Shopping During the Coronavirus Epidemic

We know that the COVID-19 outbreak makes this a confusing and troubling time, and here at Brad’s Deals, we’re on your side and ready to help.

The situation is evolving quickly, and the world looks very different today than it did just a few days ago.  We’d like to take this opportunity to share some advice and practices our team is implementing:

Keeping Our Team Safe.

Our company has taken the measure of moving to mandatory remote work company-wide. Employee safety comes first, and we believe in doing our part to help stop the spread of the new coronavirus. While we work from home, our focus to help consumers is as strong as ever.

Encouraging Responsible Shopping.

We strongly believe that no one should engage in ‘panic buying.’ Right now, there is no reason to think that there are massive shortages that will affect daily life. You will not find us suggesting you buy a year’s worth of toilet paper. What you will find is our continued high standards in terms of source, price, value, and our service to you.

Helping You Make Smart Choices.

If you have booked travel or are thinking about traveling, please take a look at our COVID-19 Travel Guide. We are updating it regularly as new information comes out from trusted sources such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). We’ll also be adding additional tips, recommendations, and deals to help ensure you have what you need to navigate through this epidemic.

Showing You How to Avoid Scams.

Throughout history, there have always been those bad guys that take advantage of others during troubled times. Unfortunately, we’ve seen the practice of online scamming expand during the current crisis. The Brad’s Deals team is working to get trustworthy information out on how to avoid online scams and price gouging. We’ll also continue to post great deals on the things you are looking to buy. More to come from us on this topic very soon.  In the meantime, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of conducting price comparison shopping and avoiding unfamiliar websites.

In the coming days, Brad’s Deals will be sharing a lot of information to help consumers, and we encourage you to follow our blog for updates. You, the consumer, always come first, and we believe knowledge is power. Please reach out if you have any questions. We’re here for you.