Frugal Living Podcast: Board Games, Video Games, and TTRPG, Oh My!

Frugal Living Podcast: Board Games, Video Games, and TTRPG, Oh My!

In the fourth episode of Frugal Living, host Jim Markus talks with Samantha Nelson, a freelance games writer, about the value of tabletop and video games during the pandemic lockdown and beyond. You can listen to Frugal Living with Jim Markus on Apple Podcasts, on Spotify, on, or anywhere you go to find podcasts.

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Samantha explains that game design has come a long way since the days of Monopoly. Games don’t have to pit players against each other so directly, and many board games have the players working together toward a shared goal. Both of these can be especially good qualities during a lockdown when you want to keep things light with the people you see every day.

Game Buying Tips

One consideration when shopping for board games is that some have a high up-front cost. Whenever possible, try them before you buy them. You can try a lot of popular games at local game stores or gaming cafes. When that’s not an option, you can also watch a Let’s Play video on YouTube to get a sense of the rules and how complex gameplay is. Another great option is Asmodee’s Print & Play games, which are smaller versions of their popular games that you can download, print out, and try for free.

RPGs (Role-Playing Games) are also a great way to get hours of enjoyment without spending too much money. Many tabletop RPG systems are available as free PDFs that you can download. Once you have the PDF, all you need is some dice, pencils, paper, and two or three people to play with. 

If you’re looking for video games, Steam and itch.IO are your two best bets for finding deals.

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