Goodreads Deals Brings You the eBooks You Want to Read (for Less!)

Goodreads Deals Brings You the eBooks You Want to Read (for Less!)

I've been a bookworm for as long as I can remember. While other kids were watching Saturday morning cartoons, I was posted high up in my neighbor's pine tree with a book until my mom made me get down and go read on the couch like a normal person.

As an adult on a budget, I've had to get creative to feed my insatiable appetite for new books without going completely broke, so when I heard about the book rating, reviewing and browsing site Goodreads' newest venture, I all but squealed with happiness.

The new feature, called Goodreads Deals, sends you email notifications when ebooks on your 'Want to Read' list, ebooks by your favorite authors, or popular ebooks from your favorite categories go on sale. While Goodreads is owned by Amazon, the ebooks deals you'll receive aren't limited to Kindle copies. You can get Apple iBooks, Nook books, Kobo books and even books from Google Play. You can also pick and choose which kinds of ebook offers you want to receive from the following categories:

  • Bestsellers
  • Romance
  • Mystery & Thrillers
  • Fantasy & Sci-Fi

For those of you who (like me) found the above list to be a bit lacking, don't worry! Goodreads will be "adding more genre options in the future," so if your favorite kind of book isn't on there yet, chances are it will be soon.

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Have any book recommendations for us? Let us know what you've been reading in the comments!