25 of the Hottest Toys for Christmas for Less

25 of the Hottest Toys for Christmas for Less

By now, your kids probably have their wish lists for Santa and you might be wondering which toys are this year's must-haves. Major retailers have already published their holiday toy lists. And now, so have we.

As is our custom, Brad's Deals has poured over all of the lists, polled parents, aunties and uncles, and assembled a list of 25 of the most coveted toys your kids are asking for - along with the best place to find them right now. You might even want a few of these for yourself. Consider yourself warned!

Brad's Deals Top 25 Hot Toys for 2018

Prices current as of 10/18/18


Barbie Dreamhouse

Where to Buy: Amazon or Walmart
Lowest Price: $179

Whether you buy from Amazon or Walmart is going to be entirely based on your personal preference - they've both priced this year's Barbie Dreamhouse Playset at $179 for the moment, a $21 discount from its list price of $199.99.


Cool Maker KumiKreator Friendship Bracelet Maker Activity Kit

Where to Buy: Walmart
Lowest Price: $29.97 

If you have a REDcard, then you'll want to pick this up at Target where it's listed at $29.99 and the 5% discount drops the price to $28.49. But if you're not a cardholder, the best price is currently at Walmart where you can grab it for $29.97.


"Don't Step in It" by Hasbro

Where to Buy: Amazon or Walmart
Lowest Price: $14.25

Once again, Amazon and Walmart are price matching each other, so whichever you choose is a matter of preference and convenience. We give Walmart the edge here this item won't meet Amazon's minimum threshold for free shipping unless you're a Prime member, and same day pickup is likely to be an option as well. That said, though, Target is also in the mix, where it drops to $13.58 if you pay with a REDcard.


Imaginext Jurassic World Jurassic Rex

Where to Buy: Walmart or Amazon
Lowest Price: $99

There's no substantial discount on this T-Rex, though both Walmart and Amazon drop the cents on the $99.99 list price in favor of an even $99. Your best bet for a discount is to pay with a REDcard at Target to shave another $5 off the price. But not everyone has a REDcard, so once again, we'll give Walmart the advantage here for the possibility of same day pickup.


L.O.L. Surprise! Bigger Surprise!

Where to Buy: Target or Amazon
Lowest Price: $89.99

Early signs are that this is going to be hard to find closer to the holidays, so this is the best deal we expect to see. Buy now if it's on your list. These are your best options as of today:

As of 10/18, Target has the Bigger Surprise in stock and available for same day in-store pickup. The price gets you past the free shipping threshold, and REDcard holders will nab an extra 5% off. It's also available at Amazon with free 1-day shipping for eligible Prime members.

Walmart lists theirs at $79.99, and that's definitely the best deal deal if you can find it in stock at your local store, but it still appears to be on backorder online.

Note that we're seeing eBay sellers list them for $118+ and L.O.L. came up several times in our informal polling. The L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise! was a sellout hit last year, and the excitement for the brand has not faded one bit. Taken all together, we think that's a really solid indicator of just how popular this year's L.O.L. blind box will be. If the Bigger Surprise! is on your list, we predict that the best deal will be to order it now.


L.O.L. Surprise House

Where to Buy: Amazon
Lowest Price: $189

Both Amazon and Walmart have this at $189.99, but we're giving Amazon the advantage since their 2-day shipping will be faster than Walmart's in-store pickup according to the dates posted.


Moj Moj Claw Machine

Where to Buy: Amazon or Walmart
Lowest Price: $38.88

Both Walmart and Amazon list this cute take on the classic claw game for $38.88. It ships free from both retailers, so whichever you buy from is down to personal preference.


Nerf Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint 2-Pack

Where to Buy: Amazon or Walmart
Lowest Price: $38.24

Amazon and Walmart tie for the current lowest price on this particular set, but don't count Target out – they've got a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale running on NERF through 9/29 that'll be a good bet for anyone looking to stock up and stash ahead of the holiday rush.


Nintendo Switch Smash Bundle

Where to Buy: Best Buy
Lowest Price: $359.99

Nintendo announced the Smash Bundle last week, and right now the only places you can pre-order are Best Buy and GameStop. Preorders at Walmart have sold out for now.

At Best Buy, you can opt to pay $60/month, and My Best Buy members get $10 in rewards (membership is free) making it our pick for where to preorder right now. The bundle, which includes a branded dock, Joy-Cons, and a download code for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, will be available in stores on Friday November 2, 2018.


PAW Patrol Ultimate Fire Truck

Where to Buy: Walmart or Amazon
Lowest Price: $44.44

Walmart and Amazon tie for the lowest price at $44.44, but if you have a REDcard, the price at Target falls from $44.49 to $42.27. If you're not a cardholder, advantage Walmart given the possibility of same day pickup.


PikMi Pops Giant PikMi Flips

Where to Buy: Amazon
Lowest Price: $44.99

Both Walmart and Amazon are offering the Pikmi Pops Giant Pikmi Flips, but Amazon has the better deal at the moment since they're actually in stock and shipping immediately, while Walmart is currently out of stock entirely. The Giant Pikmi Flips are available in three flavors: Cinnabun the Bunny, Eddie the Dog, and Kessie the Cat.


Really Rad Robots Mi-Bro

Where to Buy: Walmart
Lowest Price: $34.76

Amazon and Target tie at $39.99, but Walmart beats them both right now with a price of $34.76


Sesame Street Playskool Friends Let's Dance Elmo

Where to Buy: Walmart or Amazon
Lowest Price: $29.82

Target lists it at $29.99 and has its usual advantage because of the REDcard discount which drops the price to $28.49. But if you're not a cardholder, the best price is currently at Walmart and Amazon where you can grab it for $29.82.


Hatchimal HatchiBabies

Where to Buy: Amazon
Lowest Price: $48.88

The brand new HatchiBabies "hatched" on October 5, 2018. Each baby is a boy or a girl, and there's a secret compartment inside the egg – no word on what it contains. You'll find Ponette and CheeTree everywhere that HatchiBabies are sold, but WalmartAmazon, and Target are all listing store exclusive Hatchibabies for pre-order as well, though not always at the discount we see for other characters.

Where to find HatchiBabies:


Fingerlings Hugs

Where to Buy: Walmart
Lowest Price: $29.84

Walmart has the best in-stock price at $29.84, though as usual, we like Target better for REDcard holders since the 5% discount drops the price to $28.49. If you're not so worried about a price difference measured in cents as you are by potential sellouts, Best Buy also has Fingerlings Hugs in stock right now, priced at $29.99.


FurReal Munchin’ Rex

Where to Buy: Amazon
Lowest Price: $47.99

Target lists it at $49.99, and the REDcard discount drops the price to $47.49. But if you're not a cardholder, the best price is currently tied at Walmart and Amazon at $47.99. We're giving this one to Amazon right now, since it looks like they may have stronger inventory.


LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Building Kit

Where to Buy: Target
Lowest Price: $99.99

This LEGO set is priced at $99.99 just about everywhere you look, but we recommend Entertainment Earth, where shipping is free and you won't be charged sales in most states. However, as of our last check, they were temporarily out of stock. If you can't wait, or are just unlucky enough to be charged sales tax, your best deal will be at Target if you have a REDcard to drop the price to $94.99 before tax.


Little Live Pets Wrapples

Where to Buy: Amazon
Lowest Price: $14.99

Of the big three toy retailers, Amazon is the only one with any stock for Wrapples, albeit only for Skyo – beware of third party sellers here, we can only vouch for items that are sold and shipped by Amazon. Both Walmart and Target are out of stock, so this is another one where we recommend buying now rather than risk sellouts later in the holiday shopping season.


PJ Masks Deluxe Headquarter Play Set

Where to Buy: Kohl's
Lowest Price: $55.99

Kohl's comes through with the lowest price on this set for the super popular PJ Masks. Even better, it qualifies for $10 back in Kohl's Cash, if there happens to be a promotion running when you buy. Otherwise, your best bet is at Amazon where it's currently listed for $88.45, and the only other place we found it in stock was at Barnes & Noble for $105.95.


SkeeBall Classic Arcade Game

Where to Buy: ShopKo
Lowest Price: $23.99

This SkeeBall game made Target's own hot toy list, but we found it significantly cheaper at ShopKo. Opt for in-store pickup to avoid the $8.95 shipping charge. The next best price is at Target, where it's got a sale price of $31.49 + $5.99 shipping.


Treasure X Legends of Treasure Set

Where to Buy: Amazon
Lowest Price: $29.99

This treasure excavation play set is going for $29.99 everywhere right now, so pick it up wherever it suits you. We like Amazon, where the set qualifies for free shipping even without a Prime membership, even better if 1-day delivery is available where you live. If you're closer to a Walmart, in-store pickup may be an attractive option. And if you've got a REDcard, you'll enjoy the 5% discount and free shipping at Target.


WowWee Fingerlings Glitter Panda

Where to Buy: Walmart
Lowest Price: $14.84

WowWee released four versions of their Glitter Panda, but we didn't find any retailer with all four in stock. Walmart currently has three of the four, though if you want glittery purple Beanie, you'll want to hit up Target instead.  Amazon only has one character in stock right now.

Important note: You should only buy Fingerlings that are sold and shipped from Amazon or Walmart. Be extremely wary of third party sellers. Counterfeits were a huge problem with last year's super popular Fingerlings Baby Monkeys, and it looks like they're at it again with the Glitter Pandas.


WowWee Untamed Dinosaurs by Fingerlings

Where to Buy: Walmart
Lowest Price: $14.84

Variety and free pickup are what makes Walmart our pick for the super cool T-Rex and Velociraptor versions of the uber-popular Fingerlings line. Choose from Tracker (black/green), Scratch (orange), Blaze (orange), Razor (purple), and Ironjaw (blue). Fury (blue) and Stealth (green) are currently out of stock and Ripsaw (red) doesn't even have a listing anymore.

Over at Amazon, you'll have better luck finding Ripsaw, along with Frostbite, Ghost, Hazard, Mutant, Ironjaw, Scratch, and Tracker.

You might also check Gamestop ($14.99) or Best Buy if your favorite T-Rex or Raptor isn't available. Best Buy was the only retailer we found where Fury was in stock.

As with the Glitter Pandas above, counterfeiting has been a big problem for WowWee. We recommend only buying Fingerlings that are sold and shipped by Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers that promote third-party sellers.


Crate Creatures Surprise

Where to Buy: Amazon
Lowest Price: from $29.99

No other toy we checked for our list was so all over the map in terms of price and availability, so our advice is to zero in on which Crate Creature you want, then check around for that specific character. We found that Walmart and Amazon generally had the best prices, but Amazon is usually the better option since orders over $25 ship free. (The minimum purchase required at Walmart is $35.)

Current lowest prices by character:



Disney Doorables Mega Stack Playset

Where to Buy: Target
Lowest Price: $29.99

Amazon and Target both have this adorable Disney play set listed at $29.99. We like Amazon best here since the price tag earns free shipping. You can, however, skip the shipping fees at Target when you pay with your REDcard (which also comes with a 5% discount on your order.)

What toys are the kids in your life begging for? tell us in the comments!

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