15 Best JCPenney Black Friday Deals for 2018

15 Best JCPenney Black Friday Deals for 2018

If you stopped caring about JCPenney's Black Friday sale when they stopped handing out Disney snow globes, we totally get it. They were such a cool, quirky Black Friday tradition and all of us were sad to see it go. So how does the JCPenney Black Friday ad hold up now that the Disney snow globes are no more? We find it to be a fairly standard-issue sale,  with a handful of gems hidden amidst more ordinary fare.

When does the JCPenney Black Friday sale start?

For the second year in a row, JCPenney is starting their Black Friday sale at 2pm on Thursday.

There are great incentives for shopping in-store.

JCPenney is giving a limited number of coupons away, first come first served, to shoppers who actually visit in-store. Most coupons will be for $10 off $10, fewer will be good for $100 of $100, and many fewer will be worth $500 off $500. This offer will not be available online.

However, we're not ruling out the possibility of unannounced coupon codes, so be sure to check our collection of JCPenney coupons before you shop, just in case.

Watch out for the rebates.

Here's where we issue our warning to always read the fine print on JCPenney's Black Friday deals. Many of them require a mail-in rebate to get the advertised price, and we include several of these on our list below.

Our Favorite JCPenney Black Friday Deals of 2018


Cooks 4-Slice Toaster Oven
Ad Price: $4.99 (after $20 rebate)
Original Price: $60

Before microwaves, many of us old-timers toasted our sandwiches and cooked our hot dogs in a toaster oven. Suddenly, toaster ovens are everywhere again, and this one will be $4.99 after rebate. Also good for reheating individual slices of pizza without turning the crust soft and for making just 2-3 cookies at a time from frozen cookie dough when you don't want or need a whole batch.


Pyrex 18-pc Glass Storage Set
Ad Price: $14.99 (after $15 rebate)
Original Price: $78

We love these Pyrex storage sets. They pop up in most ads with a kitchenware section, and they're always great – easy to clean, microwave safe, and well-priced. Time to throw out the nasty-looking plastic stuff lurking in your cabinets!


Cuisinart Advantage Cutlery
Ad Price: $9.99 (after $10 rebate)
Original Price: $50

Good kitchen knives can be expensive, and these are pretty good for the price. The colors aren't just for looks – the color-coding can help home chefs avoid cross-contamination during food prep. I personally own this set. I've been pretty happy with them, and I definitely paid more than $9.99.


Rabbit 7-pc Wine Set
Ad Price: $19.99 (after $20 rebate)
Original Price: $100

We've never posted a deal on a rabbit bar tool like this one for less than $22. If you're wondering why a fancy corkscrew costs so much in the first place, don't forget that this set includes an aerating pour spout, foil cutter, a vacuum tool, and two bottle stoppers.


American Explorer Hardside Luggage, Any Size 
Ad Price: $39.99 
Original Price: $180-$220

Hard side luggage at this price point is always a good buy, but the 28" carry-on, originally priced at $220, offers the best value. You'll get it just in time for your Christmas and New Years travel.


Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum
Ad Price: $99.99
Original Price: $219

This is one of the best prices we see on this model of Shark vacuum.


Men's North Pole Trading Co. Microfleece Sleep Pant
Ad Price: $4.99
Original Price: $24

These microfleece sleep pants may be holiday-themed, but there's nothing stopping you from wearing them all winter long. Even if you only wear them on Christmas morning, we think the fiver you'll spend is worth it.


Kids' Puffer Coats
Ad Price: $17.99
Original Price: $84

We rarely see kids puffer coats go below $20.


North Pole Trading Co. Faux-Fur Throw
Ad Price: $19.99
Original Price: $60

These faux-fur throws make winter nights luxuriously soft and cozy. For $20, they're also highly giftable.


Juniors Flirtitude Leggings
Ad Price: $4.99
Original Price: $20

Anytime we see leggings go this low, we recommend stocking up.


JCPenney Home Queen Deluxe Air Mattress with Built-In Pump
Ad Price: $29.99 (after $10 rebate)
Original Price: $120

JCPenney turns up with the lowest price we've seen on a queen-size air mattress so far for Black Friday. A quick check of our database reveals it's also one of the lowest prices we've ever seen.


Disney Collection Princess 9-pk Deluxe Doll Set
Ad Price: $55
Original Price: $110

If you're wondering if JCPenney ever sold this Disney doll set for $110, the answer is yes. As of our publication date, that was indeed the price. So the 50% discount on Black Friday is legit, and works out to about $6 per doll.


Ad Price: 50% off ($2-$27)
Original Price: $4-$54

We love the jumbo haircare sales at other beauty retailers, and this one goes easily toe to toe with those. The sale includes premium brands like CHI, Nioxin, Biolage, Redken, and Big Sexy Hair. Stock up!


Samsung 24.6 cu.ft French Door Refrigerator
Ad Price: $1,395
Original Price: $2,599
Available now!

JCPenney isn't usually top of mind for major appliances, especially when the Black Friday sales are on at Home Depot and Lowes (which they are.) But here, this Samsung French Door Refrigerator actually turns up about $3 cheaper than the same model at those other sales. That may not seem like much when you're spending more than $1,000 on anything, but the 46% discount is legit and a low price is a low price.


Cooks 1.2-qt. Air Fryer
Ad Price: $4.99 (after $20 rebate)
Original Price: $80

**In-Store Only**

Yes, it's small, it requires a mail-in rebate, and it's only available if you're shopping in the store on Thanksgiving Day, but it's an air fryer for $4.99! If you're willing to jump through the hoops and the size is good enough, then it's hard to pass it up.