Movie Night: Orange is the New Black, Season 3 + Prison Cheesecake

Movie Night: Orange is the New Black, Season 3 + Prison Cheesecake

Is there really anything better to do on a Friday night in June? I didn't think so.

What we're watching: Orange is the New Black, Season 3

oitnb-s3-posterNetflix dropped Season 3 of Orange is the New Black today, and if you didn't already call off work to get a head start on your binge-watching, chances are excellent you'll be firing up your account the moment you get home. AM I RIGHT?

Seriously, there really is no other thing worth watching tonight. But if it's not your thing, I'm also hearing some great things about Sense8 and the entire world seems to be enjoying Gracie & Frankie.

You can watch Orange is the New Black, Seasons 1-3 on Netflix.

What We're Eating: Prison Cheesecake

We've seen other blogs touting Pinterest-worthy food inspired by the series, but none so authentic as the real life Piper's Prison Cheesecake recipe. While serving her sentence, Piper Kerman mastered the art of the perfect prison cheesecake, and it is by all accounts a near identical dupe for the cheesecake you can get out in the free world at restaurants like TGI Fridays. Craziness!

Looking at the recipe, it's clear that while it's not exactly glamorous, the dish is a scavenger's creative masterpiece, and hopefully as close to prison haute cuisine as any of us will ever get.

Three Must-Haves


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