What You Need to Know to Find a Deal on Apple’s New iPhone Xs and Xr

What You Need to Know to Find a Deal on Apple’s New iPhone Xs and Xr

Last year, Apple set a new precedent for high priced phones with the iPhone X. This year, they showed now signs of slowing down on that bet. In fact, they double-downed on it by eliminating the lower priced SE and 6s models and introducing three even more expensive replacements for the X model, the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR.

The top of the line iPhone Xs Max starts at $1,099 for a 64GB model and is a whopping $1,449 for the 512GB model. That makes it the most expensive smart phone ever to hit the market. The specs are impressive and with a 6.5″ screen, it’s the largest iPhone’s ever. The 5.8″ Xs isn’t much less, starting out at $999 for the 64GB model

Thankfully, older models have dropped in price. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus dropped to $599 and $66, respectively, and the now two-year-old iPhone 7 now starts at $449, though that sets the new standard for Apple’s “entry-level” phone at $50 higher than the previous SE model.

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Features and Pricing

So, what are some the big features of the new iPhone Xs and Xr? Here’s some highlights:

iPhone Xs

  • Super Retina OLED Display. Resolution: 2436 x 1125 for the 5.8″ Xs and 2688 x 1242 for the 6.5″ Xs Max
  • A12 bionic chip processor with 8 core architecture
  • 12mp rear dual cameras (wide angle and telephoto)
  • Improved portrait and depth-of-field modes.
  • 4K video recording
  • Splash, water, and dust resistant construction
  • Qi-enabled wireless charging
  • Face ID security

iPhone Xr

  • 6.1″ LCD Retina Display (7192 x 828 326ppi)
  • A12 bionic chip with neural engine
  • 12mp rear camera
  • Portrait mode on front side camera
  • Qi-enabled wireless charging
  • 4K video recording
  • Wireless charging
  • Face ID security
  • Six color options
Model 64 GB 128 GB 256 GB
iPhone Xr $749 $799 $899
64 GB 256 GB 512 GB
iPhone Xs $999 $1,149 $1,349
iPhone Xs Max $1,099 $1,249 $1,449

How to get a deal on a new iPhone

So what are your best bets on finding deals? The first thing to do is to check on trade-in policies with your mobile providers, directly with Apple, or with retailers such as Best Buy. So long as your older phone is in good working condition with no damage, that’s your best bet on getting money back to use towards your new phone and lower the price. You can also check out sites like Flipsy to see where you can sell your phone and how much you can get for it.

Another thing to do is to keep an eye on Apple’s refurbished store. The price of a refurbished iPhone 7 just dropped to $379 for a 16GB and $469 for 128GB model. Apple’s refurbishing program is one of the best in the industry not only do they back it with a full one-year warranty, but you can also register them for the Apple extended warranty. We also would not be surprised if you soon see refurbished iPhone 7 models added to the refurbished store.

But if you really want a deal, our advice is to hold out until Black Friday – Apple hasn’t participated for the last couple years, but  we often see deals on latest model iPhones from 3rd party retailers.