The Top Four St. Patty's Day Celebrations in America

The Top Four St. Patty's Day Celebrations in America

St. Patrick's Day is coming around soon, and we've assembled a list of the best celebrations  in America!

1.  Boston

No surprises here, but the Boston celebrations attract over 850,000 revelers each year! Fun fact: Boston was the spot of the first St. Patrick's Day parade in the USA!

Flickr / Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

2.  Chicago

Home of Brad's Deals HQ, Chicago is also home to the Chicago River, which is famously dyed green each year!

Flickr / Jamie McCaffrey

3.  Dallas

Not known as a major St. Patrick's Day destination, Dallas has the largest parade for the day in the Southwest, and attracts 100,000 partiers each year to its parade.

Flickr / adrian valenzuela

4.  New York City

With over 3 million people watching from the sidelines, the 300,000 person parade in New York City is one of the most attended, and most famous in America.

Flickr / Diana Robinson

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Cover photo: Flickr / Jamie McCaffrey